How to Promote Product and Services on Reddit

Reddit is an U.S social newsflash collection, web content rating, and discussion website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members. And it provides opportunity to business for marketing their product and services to get in touch with the targeted segment in a minimum span of time. As in February 2018, Reddit had 542 million monthly visitors which would help the businesses to spread awareness about the range Read more [...]

AdWords Call Conversion Tracking – How to Use it to Track Calls in AdWords Campaigns

AdWords call conversion tracking allowing customers to make a business call directly to the mentioned contact number on your website or on your Google ads. The conversion tracker helps you understand how effectively your ad clicks lead to different kinds of phone calls. The calls tracked using Google forwarding numbers when customers click the call button on the ad Google forward the call to your business phone you mentioned in the ad. Types of phone call conversions you can track Calls Read more [...]

What Advertisers and Agencies need to know about Programmatic Advertising for India Market – Programmatic and Benefits

What is Programmatic Advertising? Programmatic Advertising is frequently labeled as the future of digital marketing services.  Programmatic Advertising is a way of buying and selling media using automated technology.   In many cases, programmatic media is bought and sold in auction-like an environment that operates much like the stock market.  By large, programmatic media is bought and sold in auction-like situations that work much like the Stock Exchange. Programmatic technology influences Read more [...]

Setting up community or Group in Face Book – How Business Pages Benefitted by Setting up Facebook Group

Facebook Groups are common forum for FB members to share their interests and express their opinion on any topic. Groups enable individuals to gather around a common cause in order to organize, express ideas, talk about issues, post photographs, and share related contents. There are multiple benefits for such group which are summarized as follows; Here are the steps to build up groups in Facebook As a first step, click on the create group from the homepage of Facebook and input name Read more [...]

Five Ways to promote your business with Twitter

Twitter is one among the favorite social media platforms currently in existence. This microblogging platform allows businesses, professionals, and consumers to meet easily with 140 character tweets. Companies can promote their products and services on Twitter by connecting with their consumer directly. There are many ways to promote business on Twitter with Twitter marketing. Twitter is Your Brand Twitter account is way to represent the brand to your existing customers and potential Read more [...]

Five Ways to promote Business using Instagram

Instagram is a social media; strong with over three-hundred million monthly users.  It still likes annual double digit active user growth.  It is an influential mobile social networking service that lets users takes pictures and short videos (15 second maximum), then share them on other social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. Younger generations are possibly moving away from verbal communication, and the general population also seems charmed with visual Read more [...]

Tools Required for Building Keywords in SEO Strategies

  WHY SEO IS IMPORTANT The Beginning process for any online marketing starts with SEO.  Just like a Building needs a Foundation, SEO is its online analogue.  Without it, going into other advanced techniques are futile and will lack stability.  Now coming into facts, it is discovered that around 70% of clicks made by searchers are organic results.  Moreover 67% clicks constitutes the First page results.  So without a doubt SEO has the primary importance in digital platform not Read more [...]

Google Search Console and Optimization of Websites

Google Webmasters Tool has been renamed and repackaged as Google Search Console in 2015. Google search console is a useful platform for the webmasters to index the web pages and optimize the appearance on google search page as part of search engine optimization. And Google is not charging for this service.  It allows you to perform meaningful analysis and make changes that can affect how Google crawls, indexes and understands your site content. Here are the main features of the Google Search console   Read more [...]

What you need to know about Targeting Options For AdWords Display Campaign

  As we all know there is a tremendous progress taking place in the technological field.  One such field would be the marketing arena.  All those traditional marketing platforms which were used widely have become obsolete and digital marketing has taken over them. If you are an amateur into digital marketing field and would like to learn more about it, it is important that you start your learning from scratch.  So let us look briefly about the ways you can target your audiences and Read more [...]

What you need to know about facebook App Install Ads

With an increase in global mobile users, the influence of mobile app is increasing day by day.  For many years mobile app has been a popular topic in the business world.  Most businesses have its mobile app particularly e- commerce business, the Apple app store has close to 2 million apps while Google play has over 2.2 Million apps.  With an increase in competition, it has become important for marketers use various online platforms to reach the targeted customers.  The various platforms which Read more [...]

Facebook Audience Network (FAN)- An Efficient Way to Reach your Audience

Facebook Audience Network (FAN) is a new method to advertise in the online media.  It follows the Facebook targeting mode and let users extend their ad campaign beyond Facebook to reach audiences on mobile apps, mobile websites and videos. Audience Network enables your ads to reach people at right time and the right place. Ad objectives, Formats, and Ad types Facebook Audience Network (FAN) is the right platform if the ad objectives is any one or more of the following. To increase traffic To Read more [...]

What you need to know About ‘Twitter-Social Media’ 2017

328 million active users, 208 average twitter follower, 100 million daily active users and over 10 million tweets later Twitter has established itself as a critical media for social media marketing promotion.  The users of Twitter are highly educated in comparison to other social media platforms.  About 83% of the world leaders use Twitter, its unique balance of business and personal use has makes Twitter different from other social media marketing forums. Twitter is short message communication Read more [...]

3 Tips on Instagram Marketing for Local business

Instagram is a mobile photo sharing app and social network founded in 2010.  Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion in the year 2012.  Instagram is increasingly important for every kind of business whether it is retailer, restaurant or travel companies.  It is one of the most important tools for brand building as the social platform has more than 300 million daily active users and 500 million monthly users.   Instagram use is growing among young people it is considered as single most Read more [...]

Facebook Ads -7 Steps to Follow for Setting Up Your FB Ads

Facebook has always been the easiest platform to remain connected with the people.  Facebook turned out to the apt solution for selling ideas, brand promotion or connecting with the fans, and more.  If one is not really ready for paid social ads, there are options for free ads in FB which too work well. Here are the seven steps while you move to paid ads in FB - simple steps to start with any kind of Facebook Ads. Decide on which Editor you are going to work on: Basically there are two Read more [...]