How to set up Google Ad words Customer Match – Spending History of Customers in Customer Match Ads

Customer match is one of Google AdWords targeting tool, where advertisers can upload a list of email address, phone numbers, Zip code, country or even names of the targeted customers. Advertisers can use these lists to different ad formats like Search, Gmail or YouTube to create customized experiences based on the user’s attributes.  Google has certain stipulations to permit the usage of customer match in its ads.  Here is a brief study about the Customer Match Ads of Google Ads. They are Read more [...]

How to Setup your first Reddit Ad campaign

Introduction: Reddit is an U.S social newsflash collection, web content rating, and discussion website. It provides firms to market their product and services to get in touch with the mass number of customers in a minimum span of time. Reddit is the forum wherein the promoters can discuss anything and everything which has its core focus on attracting potential customers and retaining the present customers as well. Here more than 1.2 billion people visit Reddit every month. Small Business owners Read more [...]

Create a Universal App Campaign on Google AdWords (Updated) 2018

Universal App campaigns permit advertisers/brands/app developers to promote their apps across Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, Gmail, and within other apps and mobile websites on the Display Network. Below are the steps on how to create one of these campaigns inside your Google AdWords account. Steps 1) Sign in or Create an account to your Google AdWords account 2) On the "Campaigns" tab, click the +Campaign drop-down menu, and select Universal App campaign. 3) Add a name for your Read more [...]

What you need to know about facebook App Install Ads

With an increase in global mobile users, the influence of mobile app is increasing day by day.  For many years mobile app has been a popular topic in the business world.  Most businesses have its mobile app particularly e- commerce business, the Apple app store has close to 2 million apps while Google play has over 2.2 Million apps.  With an increase in competition, it has become important for marketers use various online platforms to reach the targeted customers.  The various platforms which Read more [...]

Keyword Match Types Explained – Broad Match and Modified Broad Match – Effects of Match Types in AdWords

Keywords are the groundwork in AdWords account, and keywords work much uniquely in contrast to what numerous individuals think. Most powerful keywords are generated out of deep research.  It won’t occur incidentally or inside of the introductory setup. The principal setup is precisely the first setup.  With the first setup you set up your record and crusade structure.  At the point when your crusade has been running for two to four weeks, then you can begin growing your watchword list Read more [...]

Increase More Traffic to your Business using Amazon Sponsored Ads – Tips for Using Amazon Ads

Amazon Market place is getting supremely competitive. While it is a great selling platform, driving buyers to your listing is a challenge, specifically when you are matched up against Amazon. Amazon Sponsored Ads are aimed to allow sellers to promote their product on Amazon, and drive customers to their own website to complete the transaction. These ads are based on keywords that you setup for your campaign that matches user’s search queries and work on the principle of Pay Per Click (PPC) Read more [...]

Content Marketing has Taken New Direction. How the Content will Play a Pivotal Role in Digital Marketing in the Coming Days?

Content marketing is a powerful way to build and convey the brand message. Original content is the latest, to create enough momentum amongst the audiences both primary and secondary. The key is to develop a core message that intrigues people and connects to them instantly, that way communicating and conveying the brands perspective will be easier. Rapid digitalization of world is forcing marketers to broaden their marketing platform to be able to connect to their consumers better. One such example Read more [...]

How To Differentiate Online Searchers and Identify Right Type of Searchers & Target Your Ads

Internet has brought enormous opportunities for customers to research, analyze, compare, and finally deciding to purchase the products. For marketers, it’s all about listening to your customer’s needs and wants. Your customers, proscepsts can help improve every step in your Sales process. Nobody is going to give you better feedback on how to improve your sales process than your own customers. Hence, it’s very critical to understand the buyer’s journey in the Sales Process. Below we have Read more [...]

Importance of Keywords in Search Engine Optimizations? Relevance of Keywords in SEO

A keyword is a term that is used to match the query a person enters into a search engine with specific information.  Most people enter search phrases that consist of two to five words.  Such phrases may be called search phrases, keyword phrases, query phrases, or just keywords.  Good keyword phrases are specific and descriptive. Do Keywords Matter? Keywords or key phrases are simply the search terms someone types into a search engine, such as Google or Bing, when they are looking for certain Read more [...]

Google My Business – Local Business Listing

Google Places (likewise called "Google Maps") is an incredible approach to discover neighborhood organizations and get driving bearings to where you need to go. Google Maps is likewise an extraordinary path for your organization to get new nearby business since a large number of individuals pursuit Google Maps consistently! In the event that you have a business that panders to neighborhood clients in your city, a free posting on Google Maps makes it simple for them to discover you. In case you're Read more [...]

Digital Marketing Strategies that can assist your Business to Grow

                With both competitors and prospective customers online, digital marketing is critical in today’s world and only way to stay ahead. Sometimes, for a small business owner, the digital world seems to be intimidating. Fear not. We have discovered 5 simple digital marketing strategies that any business owner from small to big can implement to help their business grow.   Setting a Goal: You're searching for approaches Read more [...]

Importance of Branding Through Social Media for Successful Brand Management

A process of marketing that uses an idea to increase the value of product is named as Brand Management.  Branding can be explained from the point of perception, that is, how customers experience your brand and the way you interact with your customers.  Effective Brand Management enables the price of product to increase and build good relationship with customers through promotions.  Essence, Attribute, Identity and Positioning are the four key factors in branding.  Branding helps in gaining long Read more [...]

How Google Rich Snippet Code is Important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Rich snippets provide webmaster with the useful information to the web search result snippet.  The purpose of rich snippet is to give user with more information about the content.  It is better to decide the most relevant result for a search query that could generate additional traffic to the site.   Rich snippets are designed to summarize the content of a page making it easier for users to understand what the page is about in search results.  If you are considering taking advantage Read more [...]