How to Setup your first Google Shopping Campaign (Part 2) – Tips from AdsOnSearches®

After setting up and registering your data feed in Google Merchant Center Account, it is time to setup your Google Shopping Campaign in AdWords interface. To do this, click on the Red “+ Campaign” button, and choose the “Shopping” option. See the below image.   After selecting the option, you’ll see the usual setup options such as “Default bid”, “Daily Budget”, “Location,” etc. Give your Campaign a name, and link the account to your Merchant Center account. Select Read more [...]

How to Setup your first Google Shopping Campaign (Part 1) – Tips from AdsOnSearches® for Shopping Feed Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaign was launched on August 2014, after the transition from Product listing Ads (PLAs). Google Shopping ads will appear as small, square type images at the top of the Google Search pages. Sometimes these ads appear just above the top in the upper right-hand corner, and also under the premium ads on the left side of Google search result page. These images draw the eyes of users, and attract a disproportionate share of clicks. Ecommerce stores that run AdWords Google Shopping Campaigns Read more [...]

Social Media Marketing for Business and Improving Brand Awareness

In present world, Businesses aren’t limited in regard of using social media as a part of their marketing campaign. From biggies like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to new sensations like Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and Instagram. Social Medial platforms have provided businesses with an opportunity to build audiences across multiple channels. Producing engaging content in a variety of media forms is gaining popularity among the marketing leaders. In fact content marketing is the most sorted out Read more [...]