Tips for Link building in SEO – Updated Guidelines for Link building in 2019 for Digital Marketers

The PageRank Algorithm as adopted by the Google brought out the concept of link building.  The concept of links and link building has changed the game of site ranking. Instead of simply analyzing the content of a page, Google implemented the logic of looking number of sites linked to that page and its validity. With the Google Penguin update the focus changed from quantity to quality. The importance of building high-quality links has been important throughout. Here is a discussion about building Read more [...]

E-mail Marketing Using MailChimp

Checking e-mails is part of our everyday life and most of us have linked our e-maildirectly with our phone. So, what better way to communicate with someone than sending something straight to their phone? And once you have decided that sending out newsletters is the way to do so, how are you going to get your newsletter out to all of your customers? Well, with MailChimp you can easily send out mass e-mails to all your customers and update them on the latest news from your company. For example, any Read more [...]

How to Promote Your Blog Through Social Media? What Steps to Promote Blogs Online

Writing blog is not the most difficult part in blogging but getting viewers is the important part.  After writing hundreds of blog posts but attracting no viewers is mere waste of time.  The viewership of blogs determines the popularity of the same.  Social media platforms have made the job easier to get connected to people having similar thoughts.  Here are certain tips that will help you to gain new readers: Facebook Post your blog content or the URL of the blog post in your Facebook status Read more [...]

Nofollow Links and Backlinks – Does “Nofollow” Hurt Your Site Backlinks?

Yes, you heard it right! It is helpful to increase organic traffic to your site if blog and/or website has high Page Rank (PR). It will increase your Alexa traffic rank also. Let me give you a brief description about the 'nofollow' link. “Nofollow” is an HTML attribute value used to instruct search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index. It is intended to reduce the effectiveness of certain types of Spam, thereby improving the Read more [...]

How to track Mobile Website Using Google Analytics? Mobile Website, Server Side Code Snippets, and Google Analytics

We can track mobile sites in the same way as other websites. Since we need to make changes to the tracking code in order for it to track mobile sites we need to use different tracking code. To make sure that Google Analytics reports data from for mobile websites, paste the server-side code snippets on each page we need to track. This will result in Google Analytics creating a profile for the mobile website. Google Analytics will now report the same kind of information as in standard Analytics reports. Read more [...]

Goals and Funnels in Google Analytics for True Webmasters. Quick glance of Goals and Funnels in Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be configured to determine the success or failure rate of visitor’s actions. To meet the objective, we need to create artificial goals and apply it to the web traffic. Goals & Funnels Goals are visitor tracking method which can be into different criteria on a website. We can set a goal to unlock after a visitor reaches the  contact page. If a visitor comes to a home page and leaving right away, it could be counted as a failed goal. Visitors who did happen Read more [...]

How to Set Up Goals and Funnels In Google Analytics to Track Conversions? Goals and Funnels in Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to track each stage in the users visit. This tracking helps to identify bad designing and bring to the notice the area which needs improvements. A very simple goal would just be to count every time someone filled in the inquiry form, or sent an e-mail or whatever your conversion target, This is an example of a Web Analytics Tool. However that doesn’t tell you anything about how users got to that part of your site, or tell you about the other hundred users who left Read more [...]

How to Set Up Conversion Goals in Google Analytics? Conversion and Goal set up in Easy Steps Now.

Google Analytics has replaced the hit counter of 1990’s and made the process more professional. Even though, still we can see hit counters which are developed by many novice web developing shops over the internet. To collect better information, we need to customize and fine tune Google Analytics. This includes setting up goals and funnels.From a business standpoint, we need to aim to get users to “convert” by suitable call in action.Even though we can track phone calls down to the keyword Read more [...]

Did Kolaveri Satisfy Viral Marketing Definitions? What is Viral Marketing? Viral Marketing and Definition

Viral marketing is a marketing technique used by businesses of all sizes.  It includes word of mouth, but in the internet world it mainly refers to using social networking sites to increase brand awareness or increase sales in the internet world.  With growing number of Internet user every year across the world and its wide spread usage in almost all the fields including common people sharing message make internet and its usage as a medium to spread like viral fever. In traditional marketing Read more [...]

Why Link Building is Inevitable for your Web Business?

There are several toll you will find to build your web page internet search engine friendly, however all of the activities connected with link building often takes time and effort. It is better for you, if you can employ a team of Search engine optimization professionals that supply you with quality link building services at the minimum time period. Time is invertible, specifically if you had just launched your web page and you have to be visible on major search engines like Google. This may Read more [...]