Setting up community or Group in Face Book – How Business Pages Benefitted by Setting up Facebook Group

Facebook Groups are common forum for FB members to share their interests and express their opinion on any topic. Groups enable individuals to gather around a common cause in order to organize, express ideas, talk about issues, post photographs, and share related contents.

There are multiple benefits for such group which are summarized as follows;

Here are the steps to build up groups in Facebook

As a first step, click on the create group from the homepage of Facebook and input name of the group. Facebook does not set a numerical breaking point on the quantity of individuals who can join a group. Add as many people in that group.  At least one person is required to create a group, and then click on the select privacy.  There are three options under Privacy: Public Group, Closed Group, and Secret Group.  Here are the differences of the groups under privacy selection, and one need to be very clear about their objectives while selecting this option.

Here is the summary of steps to create group

How many members or friends needed to create a group?

  • You need to have a few friends on your list to create a Group. Send request to join the Group.
  • Ideally, you need to have 5 – 10 Friends in your Friend list before you could send out a Group request.

Soon a group achieves 5,000 members the group admin loses two privileges. The first is that the group maker can never again send invitation to an event organized through Facebook. The second change is that the admin can never again send a single message that is received by all group members. Further, one can join up to 6,000 groups, and after crossing this limit they need to leave any one group before joining new one.

Can we create a community or group in business page?

The group can only be created in personal Facebook page and not on business pages. If one has a business page on Facebook then he/she can invite the members of the page to join the private group set up in the personal page which can work as a community alongside the Facebook page.