Optimizing Pay Per Click Accounts.  How to Use Advanced  features in Google AdWords for Better Return on Online Spending.

Tips from AdsOnSearches.com to Improve Online Presence. After learning how to optimize your AdWords  account, it’s time to push your skills to the next new level on how to increase the traffic to your website, how to gain more impressions and more clicks to your account.  Then, once you have visitors, you’ll learn how to gain more page views from them. Optimizing for Traffic The most common analytics metrics to examine for any website are total page views and unique visitors.  How Read more [...]

How to use Dynamic Keyword Insertion {DKI} to enhance your PPC Performance. Benefits of Dynamic Keyword Insertion in AdWords

Tips from AdsOnSearches to Improve Your PPC account Keyword insertion is awesome if you have thousands of keywords  and donot have the time and patience to create thousands of duplicate ad copies to individual products While keyword insertion may expand your CTR, remember the conversion rate.  If you are a publisher being paid per page view, dynamic keyword insertion will likely work well.  If you are selling a product, you need to measure if your keyword insertion ads have different conversion Read more [...]

Will Ad Extensions Boost CTR in PPC Account Performance

 AdsOnSearches Report on Methods to Boost AdWords Account Performance This is in continuation of the previous month’s discussion on how Sitelink, Call outs and Call Extensions can be created and help in boosting the CTR of PPC accounts.  Today, we will be covering some additional extensions so that you can apply them when they are appropriate to your account. Seller Ratings Extension Seller rating extension records a 5 star rating directly below the display URL within your Adwords Ads. Read more [...]