Google AdWords Remarketing: A Good Way to Reconnect with Previous Visitors

Remarketing is a way for brands to reach out to potential customers with relevant message through internet browsing across the Google Display Network or Google Search. It can also provide information for people who have previously visited the website. By using remarketing strategy detailed information about customer’s message is available on sections of the site they previously visited.   Setting up Remarketing in AdWords It is required to setup remarketing list to utilize the campaign Read more [...]

Best way to get a Facebook account highly ranked from Google?

By engaging more on the Facebook page will help in improving the page rank from Google.  Generally, pages with more likes usually get high Google rank.  In fact, it is not the likes which matter but the way in which the page engages other participants in FB.  When there is more activity and discussion on the Facebook page, it is likely to get more number of likes.  However, likes are not the only methods to rank higher in Google.   Personal Accounts The first step is to create Read more [...]

Best strategy to get LinkedIn profile ranked highly

The best way to optimize LinkedIn Profile is to use the right keywords.  Inserting these as often as possible in the profile might be helpful.  It is better to list out as many possible keywords and phrases.  Below are few tips on optimizing Linkedin profile. Tagline:  This can be made more unique, memorable and can also include relevant keywords.   Summary, experience, and skills:   Being thorough and including all relevant past employers as well as any organizations with which Read more [...]

Getting Started With Email Marketing – MailChimp

  MailChimp is a popular tool used in e-mail marketing campaign to send bulk mails. Being user friendly tool it is helpful in managing subscriptions of people interested in the organization’s works.   In the free version of the tool the user with 2,000 or fewer subscribers can send 12,000 emails for free every month. The auto responder feature is not available with this version, but is available with other paid versions.   How MailChimp Works E-mail subscriptions Read more [...]

What is Google New Rich Snippets Penalty: Updated Caution from Google for SEO Analysts

Recently Google has started issuing manual penalty for websites based on the genuineness of the rich snippet. They are mostly targeting websites with fake and spam looking rich snippet. Few of the websites have started getting an alert message in their website tools from Google. The displayed message reads: "Markup on some pages on this site appears to use techniques such as marking up content that is invisible to users, marking up irrelevant or misleading content, and/or other manipulative Read more [...]

Google Local Places: Suitable and Customized Listing for Local Businesses on Google Map

Customers in need of particular service are referring to Google Maps to find the company closest to their preferred location.  Now local businesses have an option to show their presence in internet through the Google Map page.  Here the physical location of the business can be marked on the map of the city.  Registering for a free listing of Google Map service will ensure the customers anywhere in the world will be able to find the business in that particular location.  It is also possible to Read more [...]

Promoting Online Business through Social Media Platforms: Popular Platforms for Online Marketers and Tips to Handle the Platforms

Of late, social media platforms have become popular among internet users and have attracted internet marketers into the platforms.  Online business owners can easily reach out to active internet users by attracting them through engaging means.  The most popularly used social media platforms are video sharing and social networking websites. Video sharing websites like YouTube are known as the launching pad for artists, directors, singers, comedians, and other performers.  Many people have Read more [...]