Five Ways to promote your business with Twitter


Twitter is one among the favorite social media platforms currently in existence. This microblogging platform allows businesses, professionals, and consumers to meet easily with 140 character tweets. Companies can promote their products and services on Twitter by connecting with their consumer directly.

There are many ways to promote business on Twitter with Twitter marketing.

Twitter is Your Brand

Twitter account is way to represent the brand to your existing customers and potential consumers. Twitter page needs to be visually match the other online sites to send an organized message to customer base. Whether it’s your social media accounts or the company website, you need to ensure the compatibility of twitter account with your other web assets.

Always ensure to build your brand on Twitter correctly in the first step. Your Twitter username should match with your business name as well. If you’re using an individual Twitter account in order to promote your business, use your real name along with your business name.

Twitter has a profile photo and a header photo.  We need to ensure that the profile image of account to represent your business. Further, the bio as given in twitter gives a quick summary of your business, and ensures to add location and link to website as well.

Tweet Regularly

Speaking of tweets, ensure to tweet regularly. People tend not to be interested in Twitter accounts if it goes silent for weeks or months. If you really do want to connect and promote your business, ensure to tweet at least a few times a week. There are few services, such as Tweet Deck and Hoot Suite, that allow you to pre-schedule the tweets for certain times in case you’re schedule keeps your from posting at pivotal times. Using these services you can preset weeks of tweets to go out to save your time.

Interaction with Community

For every online community, ensure interacting with the people on Twitter. Exhibit that you know what you are talking about by tweeting about these issues with others. Look through Twitter’s search engine and find tweets that have to do with your business and comment on them, giving sensible advice.

Promote Business on Twitter

Not only can you answer people’s questions, but you can also post your own. Twitter is a platform filled with professionals and experts and asking questions is a great way to connect with these professionals and experts.

Try to avoid following EVERYONE. Follow your business associates, dealers, vendors, loyal and/or interested customers, professional organizations, other local trades, and businesses that are run by people you know

Content, Images, and Hashtags

Give people interesting and useful info that is relevant to your business. With only 140 characters this can be challenging, but that makes choosing the right words especially significant. Hashtags and images can sometimes help you elaborate in ways full sentences cannot on Twitter. When you use great, related, and common has tags on Twitter, users who are searching for information on specific topics on Twitter can find your tweets.

Creating a custom hashtag for your website or a sale or other sort of event is also a great idea. Just try to ensure no one else is using it so your content is easily searchable and won’t get confused with another company or user’s posts.