AdWords Call Conversion Tracking – How to Use it to Track Calls in AdWords Campaigns

AdWords call conversion tracking allowing customers to make a business call directly to the mentioned contact number on your website or on your Google ads. The conversion tracker helps you understand how effectively your ad clicks lead to different kinds of phone calls. The calls tracked using Google forwarding numbers when customers click the call button on the ad Google forward the call to your business phone you mentioned in the ad. Types of phone call conversions you can track Calls Read more [...]

What Advertisers and Agencies need to know about Programmatic Advertising for India Market – Programmatic and Benefits

What is Programmatic Advertising? Programmatic Advertising is frequently labeled as the future of digital marketing services.  Programmatic Advertising is a way of buying and selling media using automated technology.   In many cases, programmatic media is bought and sold in auction-like an environment that operates much like the stock market.  By large, programmatic media is bought and sold in auction-like situations that work much like the Stock Exchange. Programmatic technology influences Read more [...]

Setting up community or Group in Face Book – How Business Pages Benefitted by Setting up Facebook Group

Facebook Groups are common forum for FB members to share their interests and express their opinion on any topic. Groups enable individuals to gather around a common cause in order to organize, express ideas, talk about issues, post photographs, and share related contents. There are multiple benefits for such group which are summarized as follows; Here are the steps to build up groups in Facebook As a first step, click on the create group from the homepage of Facebook and input name Read more [...]