Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) techniques will raise the visibility of websites, and result in greater traffic and more sales. The techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) help to optimize the placement of a website in the results displayed in a search operation. If a website is listed as the 500th result by a search engine when a customer searches for information related to that sites product, it is unlikely that many potential customers will visit. However, we can improve such listing by using appropriate optimization methodologies which will boost up the site traffic.

As of today, there is sizable number of countries with more than 80% internet penetration. The countries with the highest users are China (772,000,000), India (62,124,989), United States (312,322,257), Brazil (149,057,635) and Indonesia (143,260,000). Most of the developed countries have internet penetration is close to 90%. Globally, there are nearly 2.3 billion people online (a penetration rate of 84%). A potential market of this size cannot be ignored.

Search Engine Marketing is done using various methods. These could be Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid inclusion or paid placement.

Keyword Research

People search for things on the Internet by entering keywords in search engines. If the key search terms that your web pages are optimized for is not the same search term that searchers are entering, they will not find your site on the web. For effective Search Engine Marketing it is important to know what searches are entering when they look for your company's products and services...

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay–Per–Click (PPC) advertising developed as an adjunct to search engines. When a web user enters a search term into a web browser like Google, information related to the search term is returned. In addition, usually on the right side of the page, ads are displayed that are also related to the search term the user entered. The advertisers that put up the ads only pay for the ad when a user actually clicks on the ad – thus the name pay per click ads. Pay–Per–Click advertising gives marketers an effective means to target very specific niches as never before...

Google Adwords

Adwords is Google's flagship advertising product. AdWords lets you display your choice of text, image, Flash, and video ads through the Search Network, Content Network Partners, Ads with Placements and Ads with Mobile Device. Google Network is the largest advertising network available online, reaching over 90% of Internet users worldwide. One can target potential customers by neighborhood, city, state, or country. AdWords is available in 40 different languages and most of the countries ."Please be aware about Google policy while engaging certified partners. The following Google AdWords weblinks and policies will give detailed [Please add links from existing site information...

Google AdWords third-party disclosure document
Google AdWords disclosure document

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