Digital Marketing Strategies

Our digital advisory team helps in overall review of existing processes in the website in comparison with four other competitors. Further, we will define digital marketing strategies, set up tools to measures website performance and ability of the website to convert visitors to customers in comparison with those of competitors. The services offered under Digital Advisory are listed below:

• Website Review in Comparison with 4 other Competitors

• Defining Right Digital Marketing Strategy

• Quarterly Evaluation of Digital Marketing and Website Performance

Overall, our services will save you time, boost your ROI, and—most importantly—give you peace of mind.

We develop proper internet digital marketing strategies to promote products/services online. We develop digital marketing strategies based on the business objectives, target segment, competitors and the overall market. We equip you with analytical tools to assess organization’s social media and digital marketing strategy, and help you identify areas of improvement.

Competitive Research

The competitive research performed by our experienced Analysts brings out the best of promotional strategies adopted by the immediate competitors. The information collected through this process helps us define a sound promotional strategy and fine tunes internet digital marketing strategies without giving scope for trial and errors. The competitive analysis includes identification of keywords used by competitors, promotional tools, promotional platforms, and promotional strategies. We have developed a unique research tool to identify right keywords to suit your target business in tandem with your products/services. Keyword research lists out keywords to perform Search Engine Optimization, internet marketing, fine-tuning landing pages, and improving CTR in PPC campaigns.

Marketing Strategies

Digital media changed the way in which businesses interact with consumers. There is a need to constantly research the changes in consumer attitude, and define the marketing strategies in the light of massive changes in search engine marketing, social media, and mobile marketing. The selection of the right mix of media and engagement tools is not easy. However it is important in order to gain new markets/customers. The evolution of digital media knowingly or unknowingly resulted in the emergence of new business models. Orkut, which was once a popular social media platform in Indian market suddenly gave way to Facebook even though the Orkut was promoted by the search engine giant Google with higher market acceptance. Facebook was not developed to promote business or enterprises, but of late it turned out to be a medium to spread word of mouth about products, services and even politics.

Another development of the digital media is the generation of data at different platforms during the life cycle of a product. For a long time, popular metrics available about consumer behavior were date of purchase, quantity and price. Now, with the advent of online purchase, plastic cards and social media platforms, we get numerous metrics associated with a transaction including feedback, all in no time. Analyzing the data and formulating right strategies will help to keep any business floating ahead of competitors.

Thus, the latest developments as described above have brought the need to have a re-look at digital marketing strategies at constant interval. Our digital marketing team analyzes competitors’ strategies along with other comparable metrics, and provides right promotional marketing strategies to gain the maximum benefit out of each penny.


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