How to Promote Online Business through Social Media Platforms? Popular Platforms for Online Marketers and Tips to Handle the Platforms

Of late, social media platforms have become popular among internet users and thus it became very attractive platforms for internet marketers.  Online business owners can easily reach out to wide variety of active internet users, and thus attract them through more engaging means.  The most popularly used social media platforms are video sharing and social networking websites. Video sharing websites like YouTube have become known as the launching pad for artists, directors, singers, comedians, Read more [...]

How to Promote Your Blog Through Social Media? What Steps to Promote Blogs Online

Writing blog is not the most difficult part in blogging but getting viewers is the important part.  After writing hundreds of blog posts but attracting no viewers is mere waste of time.  The viewership of blogs determines the popularity of the same.  Social media platforms have made the job easier to get connected to people having similar thoughts.  Here are certain tips that will help you to gain new readers: Facebook Post your blog content or the URL of the blog post in your Facebook status Read more [...]

How to Recommend Your Facebook Business Page to Your Friends? Invite Your Friends to Like Your Business Page Now.

Do you administer of any Facebook Pages? Then you have the ability to recommend your administered Facebook Pages to your friends! We've been asked how to do this many times.  I've decided to make a proper set of instructions and refer to this when I am next asked. How to invite friends to your Facebook Page 1. Login to your Facebook Personal Page. 2. On left side list you'll find the Your Business Page in PAGES AND ADS panel 3. Click on Your Business Page, than your Business Facebook Read more [...]