Why to use vCpm bidding on Google Display Network

CPM on Google Display Network


Many advertisers expect viewers will click their ad after viewing them — but that’s not always the main goal. Perhaps you just want a lot of persons to view your ad. During such cases, bidding by cost-per-thousand viewable impressions (vCPM) is a good strategy. With vCPM bidding, you bid for your ad based on how often your ads shows in a viewable position on the Google Display Network.

The advertisers set the maximum sum to pay for viewable ads, even if they’re clicked or not.

Quick comparison of vCPM and CPC bidding

Viewable CPM bidding CPC bidding
Use it only You are concerned about your ads viewed than the clicks received You are worried about the clicks
Bid For 1000 viewable impressions, you are ready to spend the Max amount Max amount you are ready to pay for 1 click
Actual Amount Charged You will be charged less to rank higher than the advertiser ranked below you. You will be charged less to rank higher than the advertiser ranked below you.

 How to use vCPM bidding on Display Network

With vCPM bidding, the advertiser set the maximum amount to pay for each 1,000 viewable impressions.  We call this the maximum vCPM bid, or just “max viewable CPM.” The greater your max viewable CPM, the higher the chance that your ad will perform.

The Google AdWords structure will charge you only what is required to place your ads above the next-highest ad, and only charge if the ad became viewable.

The max viewable CPM bid may win different levels of impressions at dissimilar charges than earlier max CPM bids. Since you don’t pay for impressions that were not viewable, you may want to increase your max viewable CPM bid to accomplish the same level of spend and traffic volume.

You can set your max viewable CPM bid in various ways

Ad group bids: Place your max vCPM at the ad group level, and you’ll have the similar viewable CPM bid for all keywords and placements in that ad group.  For instance, you’ve set up an ad group with keywords like Six Sigma, Green Belt, and Black Belt Training, you choose an Ad Group viewable CPM of INR 65. If your ad shows on any site that’s associated with Six Sigma Training or appears on a blog about Training, Black Belt, the max vCPM is always INR 65. This is one of the quickest ways to manage your viewable CPM bids.

Placement level bids:  For each placement, you can set the bid you want. If you know a site that bring great results for you, you can bid on the site or a specific page on that site.

If your key objective is online sales or traffic to your website, then Maximize clicks or Maximize conversions bidding strategy may be a healthier option for you.