Goals and Funnels in Google Analytics for True Webmasters. Quick glance of Goals and Funnels in Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be configured to determine the success or failure rate of visitor’s actions. To meet the objective, we need to create artificial goals and apply it to the web traffic. Goals & Funnels Goals are visitor tracking method which can be into different criteria on a website. We can set a goal to unlock after a visitor reaches the  contact page. If a visitor comes to a home page and leaving right away, it could be counted as a failed goal. Visitors who did happen Read more [...]

How to Set Up Goals and Funnels In Google Analytics to Track Conversions? Goals and Funnels in Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to track each stage in the users visit. This tracking helps to identify bad designing and bring to the notice the area which needs improvements. A very simple goal would just be to count every time someone filled in the inquiry form, or sent an e-mail or whatever your conversion target, This is an example of a Web Analytics Tool. However that doesn’t tell you anything about how users got to that part of your site, or tell you about the other hundred users who left Read more [...]

How to Set Up Conversion Goals in Google Analytics? Conversion and Goal set up in Easy Steps Now.

Google Analytics has replaced the hit counter of 1990’s and made the process more professional. Even though, still we can see hit counters which are developed by many novice web developing shops over the internet. To collect better information, we need to customize and fine tune Google Analytics. This includes setting up goals and funnels.From a business standpoint, we need to aim to get users to “convert” by suitable call in action.Even though we can track phone calls down to the keyword Read more [...]