Which Google AdWords Attribution Model Must be Applied on Your PPC Campaigns?

  An attribution model is a practice that determines how credit for sales and conversions is assigned to different channels across different touchpoints in the buyer journey.  It’s the process of connecting various campaigns to a company’s ROI. The attribution model you use for Pay per Click campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads, etc. get credit for your conversions. Attribution modeling has always been important since your prospects frequently engage with your business via a broad Read more [...]

Create a Universal App Campaign on Google AdWords (Updated) 2018

Universal App campaigns permit advertisers/brands/app developers to promote their apps across Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, Gmail, and within other apps and mobile websites on the Display Network. Below are the steps on how to create one of these campaigns inside your Google AdWords account. Steps 1) Sign in or Create an account to your Google AdWords account 2) On the "Campaigns" tab, click the +Campaign drop-down menu, and select Universal App campaign. 3) Add a name for your Read more [...]

Why to use vCpm bidding on Google Display Network

  Many advertisers expect viewers will click their ad after viewing them -- but that's not always the main goal. Perhaps you just want a lot of persons to view your ad. During such cases, bidding by cost-per-thousand viewable impressions (vCPM) is a good strategy. With vCPM bidding, you bid for your ad based on how often your ads shows in a viewable position on the Google Display Network. The advertisers set the maximum sum to pay for viewable ads, even if they're clicked or not. Quick Read more [...]

AdWords Call Conversion Tracking – How to Use it to Track Calls in AdWords Campaigns

AdWords call conversion tracking allowing customers to make a business call directly to the mentioned contact number on your website or on your Google ads. The conversion tracker helps you understand how effectively your ad clicks lead to different kinds of phone calls. The calls tracked using Google forwarding numbers when customers click the call button on the ad Google forward the call to your business phone you mentioned in the ad. Types of phone call conversions you can track Calls Read more [...]

Google AdWords- How to Write Good and Effective Ad Copies One

Google AdWords is an online service which offers PPC (Pay- per-Click), CPC (Cost-per-Click) and CPA (Cost-per-Acquisition) Advertising.  You pay for those ads which gets more impressions or clicks as  per the selected placement method.  Good Ad copies the first step to bring qualified visitors and for which we need to adopt effective method which result in increase in site traffic.   • Research competitor websites The appropriate use of keywords in your Ad copies plays a vital Read more [...]

History on Pay Per Marketing (PPC); How did PPC Change Online Advertising?

    There are times when sales were done on do door-to-door basis by a sales person and visiting each house, explaining product/service features.  The evolution of internet has brought a drastic change to the concept of sales as well.  Another major breakthrough happened in in February 1998 when Jeffrey Brewer of Goto.com and Bill Gross of Idealab presented the concept of pay per click search engine.  This brought revolutionary change to toward sales promotions which happened Read more [...]

Get Better Results from your Ads using A/B Testing. Basics of A/B Testing Process

The traditional advertising methods lack real measuring tools, and advertisers are always in a dilemma whenever they launch a new campaign.  Advertisers are not sure about the real return on each of their investment or ads spending whenever stakeholders come up with questions.  They were always dodged by the question – “how do you know which campaign or Ads were successful? Many a times, they make presentation before sample population, use small electronic devices, and seek feedback form to Read more [...]

Discovering AdWords Bidding Options – Developing Profitable Bidding Strategies for your AdWords Campaign

AdWords reinforces a few structures for setting bids. Setting max CPCs, otherwise called manual bidding for clicks, is the default technique, yet relying upon your objectives, alternate strategies may work better for you. These choices are at the campaign level in your account. Therefore, you can have one campaign that uses one method and another campaign that uses a different mode. Conversely, all ad groups in the same campaign will operate the same bidding approach. The one exemption to this rule Read more [...]

How to setup the Conversion Tracking the Right Way- Tips From Adsonsearches®

Google’s conversion tracking can break down your numbers and tell you where each conversion came from. It will display you the path your visitors took to search you. Most importantly, it shows you where the waste is. Today, we’ll be discussing on how to setup the conversion code and track your spending. Let’s say you run a PPC Campaign for your client, mainly generating leads to their business. So, the visitors can fill the form and get free brochure or Newsletters. We’ll walk you through Read more [...]

Impression Share – Get More Visibility for your Ads by Learning the Tips

For any given keyword, Google never shows any advertiser’s ads 100 percent of the time. There could be various reasons for this; the most significant being that Google wants to displays other advertiser’s ads to see how they achieve the relevancy in search results. Google gets to control whose ads they show and how often. The percentage of the time they choose to display your ads for any given keyword is called Impression share (IS), also known as exposure. You may increase your Impression Read more [...]

How to Setup your first AdSense Account.? Quick and Easy Methods to increase Revenue to your website

Google Adsense is a great option for monetizing online content, and brings additional source of income for your online business. AdSense is a sort of affiliate marketing where the owners of the site get share of revenue when Google ads are viewed by your site visitors. AdSense is a Google product and it compliments with the business model of AdWords in placing contextual ads in relevant websites. It is easy to set up an AdSense account once Google approves your site for placing ads. The basic Read more [...]

How to Setup your first Google Shopping Campaign (Part 2) – Tips from AdsOnSearches®

After setting up and registering your data feed in Google Merchant Center Account, it is time to setup your Google Shopping Campaign in AdWords interface. To do this, click on the Red “+ Campaign” button, and choose the “Shopping” option. See the below image.   After selecting the option, you’ll see the usual setup options such as “Default bid”, “Daily Budget”, “Location,” etc. Give your Campaign a name, and link the account to your Merchant Center account. Select Read more [...]

How to Setup your first Google Shopping Campaign (Part 1) – Tips from AdsOnSearches® for Shopping Feed Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaign was launched on August 2014, after the transition from Product listing Ads (PLAs). Google Shopping ads will appear as small, square type images at the top of the Google Search pages. Sometimes these ads appear just above the top in the upper right-hand corner, and also under the premium ads on the left side of Google search result page. These images draw the eyes of users, and attract a disproportionate share of clicks. Ecommerce stores that run AdWords Google Shopping Campaigns Read more [...]

How to write effective Ad Copies for your PPC Campaigns. Tips from AdsOnSearches

Crafting ad in PPC is really a big deal, because these ads will be seen by thousands of people and within a matter of milliseconds they will evaluate whether they should consider it or not. The ads that attractive and strong draw attention and it is equally important to carry on the impression with good content and offers. PPC consists of a headline, link and a couple of brief lines of text. Now, people’s attention to click on your ad depends on how compelling your message is and how relevant Read more [...]