How to make your Blog Do follow?

Do Follow blogs are known as friends of SEO marketers. If you are making your blog Do Follow then there are chances that lot of marketers fall in love with you. Ultimately, it helps you lot of free traffic and more commentators participate in your discussion. Make a blog no follow is as good as not publishing it. Here are some tips to make your blog Do Follow and the test to identify if a blog is Do Follow or not; What are the Steps to Make a Blog Dofollow? Here’s the process to make Read more [...]

Where to Find Do Follow Link?

Do Follow Links– What is this? Links which can be crawled by search engines are known as Do Follow links. The absence of the attribute 'nofollow' tag in a link makes it Do Follow. The Do Follow attribute encourages visitor participation. Further, it increases the inbound links for others hyperlink to the search engine. Since finding Do Follow blogs is a tough task, one should make sure that the comments you make on them actually get approved. The following gives a pictorial representation Read more [...]