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Web Analytics

Website Analytics inputs fresh insights into about visitors’ behavior. Web analysis of visitors track lets you know on how they use a website, and helps you develop strategies to increase visitors of the site. Web analytics helps analyze data, standardize reports and provide customized reports. Customized reports are prepared focusing on visitor segments. We also identify important data to share with the web promotional team. The analytics data helps the promotional team fine tune the strategies.

We use combinations of popular web analytical tools to provide a better picture on the performance of a site. We identify and analyze unique visits to site, and report user behavior to develop effective internet promotional strategies. We provide support services to corporate websites, e-commerce sites and online shopping stores and help optimize their budget on Internet marketing.

Content Analytics is an important portion of web analytics. It makes you understand specific portions of website which attracts more or less visitors. By analyzing content we can re-create a better user experience. This will minimize the guesswork while developing and testing websites. By testing different versions of webpages, we help them understand which designs lead to better conversions.

Social Analytics measures success of your social media promotions. We analyze the sharing features in a website by analyzing the utilization of the sharing tools. If one is sharing the content with a specific platform say, Facebook then we focus on Facebook page as well to promote your product or services. Conversion Analytics let you know the number of customers you are reaching out to in a campaign, the keywords used and the specific geography or time where such conversion happens. This will lead to identifying the bestselling products/promotions, and also helps determine the profitable promotions. It is easy to identify campaigns/ads/keywords which result in closing a deal.

This data can be further used to analyze the behavior of shoppers to adjust shopping cart features to increase sales. We can track the path taken by the visitors by setting up appropriate funnel path using tools of Analytics. Also, we can find out the impact of all your digital marketing activities and can focus on those channels which bring more conversions. Overall Web Analytics let Website Managers determine which areas of the site are popular and the time and place of your business. This will in turn help promotional managers create a better user experience which in turn helps increase the overall popularity of a website.


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