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Web Analytics is a website's report card. It tracks how visitors engage with the website through their actions and behaviours. It is the entire process of collecting, analysing, and reporting data produced by users during their interaction with the website. Monitoring how prospective consumers engage with a website allows to customise user experiences to improve your sales, clicks, and conversions. Google Analytics is the most well-known tool for assisting businesses in gaining access to online analytics services. This tool is available to anybody who owns a website. Controlling and observing such a large quantity of data and analysing it is not a simple job. With Google Analytics, a business can see all its KPIs in one place, enabling it to make better-informed choices.

We use Google Analytics to measure, analyse, report, and optimise. AdsOnSearches establishes a connection between the customer's website and Google Analytics. The technology monitors, records, and extracts critical data for the website and the company. Our experienced analysts understand how to leverage data to help businesses flourish.

Step 1 - Measure

Google Analytics tracks every single visitor that visits the website from any source. It keeps track of how many people visit the website. Where do they belong geographically? What do people want to find on the website? What did people enjoy and hate about your websites? Web Analytics simply provides complete access to any data originating on the website.

Step 2 - Report

Following the measurement and extraction of data, we generate reports based on the website’s data. The report gives insight into the website and its digital presence and enlarges the room for introspection, which our analyst uses to evaluate according to the company goals and objectives. The report will include, Web traffic, views, clicks, unique visitors, bounce rate, conversion rate, organic traffic, and Direct traffic.

Step 3 - Analysis

We use the report to diagnose the website's performance and the company's performance. The results of the study assist in making better-informed choices that will aid in the optimisation of the website's functionality.

Step 4 - Optimise

Based on web analytics reports, we assist clients in optimising website content, product or service presentation, and online marketing tactics. It will certainly increase the amount of business and allow the client to have more interactions with potential customers and partners. Therefore, with optimisation, we can achieve the following:

1. Marketing Campaign Optimisation and Tracking:

By tracking everything feasible, we will be able to identify potentially high-returning campaigns in which to spend more and terminate underperforming ones.

2. Finding and Capitalising on the Right Target Audience:

Identifying the appropriate audience will aid businesses in developing marketing materials that make a good impression on their customers, which increase the profitability of marketing campaigns and create a favourable impression on the company.

3. Conversion Rate Optimisation:

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the practice of increasing the probability that visitors will complete desired actions (conversions) on a certain page. Our analyst will keep track of the bounce rate using Web Analytics. While will provide insights that will aid in improving conversion rates through effective measures.

4. Website Optimisation:

With web analytics, a company will find potential problems with its website and its services. It will give all the information necessary for the business and website to reform.

5. Tracking Business Goals Online:

A successful company and its website must have certain objectives that they strive to accomplish. Companies use web analytics to monitor objectives. Measuring objectives actively enable quicker response to specific occurrences through data.

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