Setting up of Successful LinkedIn Ads – Steps while Setting up LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn is a successful platform for professionals to connect and engage.  The paid ads offered by LinkedIn ads allow businesses to connect with the community of business in an effective mode by serving ad content to target members who are defined based on business objectives.  The marketing solutions as defined by LinkedIn allow advertisers to select specific data points of the target group to help send promotional messages across the right target audience. Thus the ads will be served the target audience with the content relevant to them.



Here is a quick mode to set up ads in LinkedIn and manage the same effectively.


Step 1: create Account manager

Step 2: Default One campaign group will be available

Step 3: create new campaign group or use the default one

Step 4: Create a campaign with objective

Step 5: Select the ad format/ placement type

3 types of Ad format

  • Text ads –
    • Simple text ads shown at the right column of audience’s newsfeed
    • Spend budget for pay per click or impressions
  • InMail Ads –
    • Sending ads using LinkedIn messenger
    • Personalized relevant content for each audience is possible
  • Sponsored Ads –
    • Appears in the audience news feed
    • Known as native ads due to its placement

Step 6: Create ad

Step 7: Set your target Audience

  • LinkedIn required at least one location for target.
  • Requires minimum target reach. Eg India is target location but if the reach is minimum LinkedIn requires selecting more locations.
  • Can narrow target audience based on demographics, Job title etc (Optional)

Step 8: Set your budget – Minimum budget INR 500

  • Bid type, Performance metrics, conversion tracking, campaign start date etc. can be set up

Step 9: Enter Billing details – CC/DC

Once LinkedIn members are targeted based on their profile information like age or years of experience in particular industry, the paid ads will be targeted to then only.  We have the flexibility to alter the settings based on the responses.   The responses can be viewed in the dashboard as aggregated report of the types of members who saw the ad.

As a member, you have the ability to manage your ads settings to control how your personal data is used to show more relevant ads.  This can be terms as limitations of LinkedIn ads in their digital marketing services but work as protection of privacy of its members.