Know your Ad Placements before setting up your Campaign on Facebook

Facebook Ads is the most powerful tool for advertising your business and organizations.  The ads platform connects with the people who are most likely to be interested in their products and services.  It works both for B2C and B2B companies.  There are instances such ads brought tremendous result to advertisers with more than 5x increases in marketing results after advertising on Facebook.

Creating meaningful Ads plays an important role as well as selecting the right placement. Most of the advertisers have a decent knowledge of their target audiences on Facebook, but many are still unsure about which type of ad placement will give them the best results when targeting those audiences.

One of the best features of Facebook advertising is its wide ad placement options which let advertisers choose the best area where they think their ads will perform best. Aside from the wide freedom to execute creative ideas, this also gives advertisers better understanding on what type of ads work best for their audience.


To get more advertising from placements run your ads across Facebook’s family of apps and services, Instagram and Messenger, including Audience Network. This gives more flexibility to get more and enhanced outcomes resulting in showing ads to the right people in the right places.

About placements

While creating your ads, you have the option of allowing Facebook to show your ads in places where they are likely to perform best or manually electing where you show your ads. The places where you run your ads are called “placements”.

There are two options provided for Placements:

  • Automatic Placements

Your ads will automatically show to your audience in the places they are likely to perform best. For this objective, placements may include Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. The different places where Facebook can show your ads is known as ‘placements’. Taking advantage of every placement is the most efficient use of your Cost.

  • Edit Placements

Removing placement options may reduce the number of people you reach and may make it less likely that you’ll meet your goals


Custom Creative for Ad Placements is one more option provided under placement.  Under this option one can customize the images or videos people see in ads depending on where those ads are displayed using the asset customization feature in Ads Manager.


Here is a summary of Facebook ad options

  1. Feeds

Ads will be displayed on the main Facebook Feeds page.

  1. Right Column

Ads appear in the right-side columns across Facebook. Right column ads are only displayed to the people browsing Facebook on their computer.

  1. Instant Articles

Ads appears in Instant Articles area within the Facebook mobile app and Messenger.

  1. In-Stream Video

Ads appear as short videos in both Live video and Video on Demand on Facebook.

  1. Suggested Videos

Suggested videos are displayed when they interact with a video in the Feed and the ads are displayed within these videos.

  1. Marketplace

Ads are displayed when someone browses Marketplace in the Facebook app on their phone.



  1. Feeds

Ads are displayed in the desktop homepage feed as well as your Feed on mobile

  1. Stories

Ads appear in people’s stories on Instagram and only appear to people browsing stories on Instagram.


– Home

Ads appear in the Home tab of Messenger.

– Sponsored Messages

Ads appear as messages that are conveyed directly to a person when they have an existing conversation with you in Messenger.

-Audience Network

Ads are displayed on apps and websites in the Audience Network, with this option, you can extend your ads beyond Facebook to reach your targeting audiences on mobile apps and websites, desktop websites and connected TV apps.

Image and video ads can seem in the formats like banner, interstitial and native.

Ideally one should find out the best placements according to campaign Objectives.  Here are a few objectives:

-Brand awareness(Includes Reach & Frequency buying): Facebook and Instagram

-Engagement(Includes both Reach & Frequency buying): Instagram and Facebook

-Video views(Reach & Frequency buying): Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network

-App installs: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network

-Traffic (Increasing website clicks and app engagement):Facebook, Messenger and Audience Network

-Catalog sales:Facebook and Audience Network

-Conversions: Facebook, Messenger and Audience Network