How to set up Google Ad words Customer Match – Spending History of Customers in Customer Match Ads

Customer match is one of Google AdWords targeting tool, where advertisers can upload a list of email address, phone numbers, Zip code, country or even names of the targeted customers. Advertisers can use these lists to different ad formats like Search, Gmail or YouTube to create customized experiences based on the user’s attributes.  Google has certain stipulations to permit the usage of customer match in its ads.  Here is a brief study about the Customer Match Ads of Google Ads. They are Read more [...]

Tips for Link building in SEO – Updated Guidelines for Link building in 2019 for Digital Marketers

The PageRank Algorithm as adopted by the Google brought out the concept of link building.  The concept of links and link building has changed the game of site ranking. Instead of simply analyzing the content of a page, Google implemented the logic of looking number of sites linked to that page and its validity. With the Google Penguin update the focus changed from quantity to quality. The importance of building high-quality links has been important throughout. Here is a discussion about building Read more [...]