How to setup the Conversion Tracking the Right Way- Tips From Adsonsearches®

Google’s conversion tracking can break down your numbers and tell you where each conversion came from. It will display you the path your visitors took to search you. Most importantly, it shows you where the waste is. Today, we’ll be discussing on how to setup the conversion code and track your spending. Let’s say you run a PPC Campaign for your client, mainly generating leads to their business. So, the visitors can fill the form and get free brochure or Newsletters. We’ll walk you through Read more [...]

Impression Share – Get More Visibility for your Ads by Learning the Tips

For any given keyword, Google never shows any advertiser’s ads 100 percent of the time. There could be various reasons for this; the most significant being that Google wants to displays other advertiser’s ads to see how they achieve the relevancy in search results. Google gets to control whose ads they show and how often. The percentage of the time they choose to display your ads for any given keyword is called Impression share (IS), also known as exposure. You may increase your Impression Read more [...]