How to Setup a Youtube Advertising Campaign to Promote your Business Tips from

Youtube is one of the most cost effective advertising opportunities. Although it’s understood not properly and under-exploited, one can display a video to a specifically targeted audience for a fraction of what you’d end up paying for an text ads on Google Search page. Youtube is a great place to increase and promote your brand, if you’re just getting started or if you’re in a super-competitive market. Moreover, Youtube can help provide cheap traffic source, if you know how to do it right. Read more [...]

How to Set Up your Facebook Ads in less than 2 minutes

Every business owner/musician/blogger must create these ads, and utilize these opportunities to increase customer base and brand visibility. Building up your Facebook Ads is pretty much simple, and easy to setup. Below are the steps Step 1 - Create an Ad. For creating an Ad on Facebook check at the top right hand corner of your browser. Click on the little button, you’ll find a list of options will drop down. Now click on the Create Ads. Step 2 - Select Objective of Your Campaign: After Read more [...]

How to Setup your first Google Shopping Campaign (Part 2) – Tips from AdsOnSearches®

After setting up and registering your data feed in Google Merchant Center Account, it is time to setup your Google Shopping Campaign in AdWords interface. To do this, click on the Red “+ Campaign” button, and choose the “Shopping” option. See the below image.   After selecting the option, you’ll see the usual setup options such as “Default bid”, “Daily Budget”, “Location,” etc. Give your Campaign a name, and link the account to your Merchant Center account. Select Read more [...]

How to Setup your first Google Shopping Campaign (Part 1) – Tips from AdsOnSearches® for Shopping Feed Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaign was launched on August 2014, after the transition from Product listing Ads (PLAs). Google Shopping ads will appear as small, square type images at the top of the Google Search pages. Sometimes these ads appear just above the top in the upper right-hand corner, and also under the premium ads on the left side of Google search result page. These images draw the eyes of users, and attract a disproportionate share of clicks. Ecommerce stores that run AdWords Google Shopping Campaigns Read more [...]

Social Media Marketing for Business and Improving Brand Awareness

In present world, Businesses aren’t limited in regard of using social media as a part of their marketing campaign. From biggies like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to new sensations like Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and Instagram. Social Medial platforms have provided businesses with an opportunity to build audiences across multiple channels. Producing engaging content in a variety of media forms is gaining popularity among the marketing leaders. In fact content marketing is the most sorted out Read more [...]

How to write effective Ad Copies for your PPC Campaigns. Tips from AdsOnSearches

Crafting ad in PPC is really a big deal, because these ads will be seen by thousands of people and within a matter of milliseconds they will evaluate whether they should consider it or not. The ads that attractive and strong draw attention and it is equally important to carry on the impression with good content and offers. PPC consists of a headline, link and a couple of brief lines of text. Now, people’s attention to click on your ad depends on how compelling your message is and how relevant Read more [...]

Content Marketing has Taken New Direction. How the Content will Play a Pivotal Role in Digital Marketing in the Coming Days?

Content marketing is a powerful way to build and convey the brand message. Original content is the latest, to create enough momentum amongst the audiences both primary and secondary. The key is to develop a core message that intrigues people and connects to them instantly, that way communicating and conveying the brands perspective will be easier. Rapid digitalization of world is forcing marketers to broaden their marketing platform to be able to connect to their consumers better. One such example Read more [...]

Will Augmented Reality will be Used in Digital Marketing? How to be an Early Adopter of Augmented Reality in Digital Marketing

Augmented Reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect, view of a physical real world environment where elements are augmented by computer sensory inputs. The user’s current perception of reality is modified by the Computer. It involves replacement of physical world with a virtual world. Most firms use increased reality in real time, so customers will move with environmental components like scoreboards or bill boards. Augmented reality has been used by Videogame corporations like Nintendo so Read more [...]

Digital Marketing Strategies for 2015 – What Top Digital Marketing Gurus Predict Now

What one can expect in 2015 in the digital marketing domain? There are predictions that 2015 will be the year of human for digital marketers.  There are possibilities that marketers may incorporate human-speak into their messaging.  The visual storytelling will continue to emerge as a strategy toengage focused communities.  The platform which provides more privacy and one-on-one conversations will become stronger where there is a need to perform limited filtering operations According to Read more [...]

How to select the most profitable keywords and improve your AdWords Performance?

Performance of AdWords campaign is closely related with keywords which you are selecting. It is a great skill to be mastered by search engine marketers. There are, of course, other elements one needs to understand, to bring success with Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Failure to understand the right keywords will make your business to tank. The campaign performance will dramatically improve if one can accurately predict the keywords and further segment these keywords into appropriate adgroups. Although Read more [...]

How To Differentiate Online Searchers and Identify Right Type of Searchers & Target Your Ads

Internet has brought enormous opportunities for customers to research, analyze, compare, and finally deciding to purchase the products. For marketers, it’s all about listening to your customer’s needs and wants. Your customers, proscepsts can help improve every step in your Sales process. Nobody is going to give you better feedback on how to improve your sales process than your own customers. Hence, it’s very critical to understand the buyer’s journey in the Sales Process. Below we have Read more [...]

Why Search Engine Optimizations is Necessary to Improve Ranking of Websites? Beginner’s Guide to Know More on SEO

Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO, is a methodology for designing and developing a website to rank higher in search engine results. A few benefits of performing SEO are given below; • Improve the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines • Fine tuning websites according to search algorithms work, and what visitors might search • Bringing the website at par with industry standards Those who are planning for SEO, it is essential to know how search engines Read more [...]

Importance of Keywords in Search Engine Optimizations? Relevance of Keywords in SEO

A keyword is a term that is used to match the query a person enters into a search engine with specific information.  Most people enter search phrases that consist of two to five words.  Such phrases may be called search phrases, keyword phrases, query phrases, or just keywords.  Good keyword phrases are specific and descriptive. Do Keywords Matter? Keywords or key phrases are simply the search terms someone types into a search engine, such as Google or Bing, when they are looking for certain Read more [...]

Digital Marketing – Embrace Now, Promote Your Products and Services to Generation Next – Tip from AdsOnSearches

Digital marketing is definitely going to be the premium tool to capture the Generation Next.  The Generation Next has been shaped by an unprecedented revolution in technology.  The young adults of Gen Next have grown up with personal computers, cell phones, social media, and the internet.  Now, they have started taking their place in a world which is rapidly changing.  They scan everything through the electronic media before taking the next step.  Education, job, marriage, naming kids – they Read more [...]