How To Differentiate Online Searchers and Identify Right Type of Searchers & Target Your Ads

Internet has brought enormous opportunities for customers to research, analyze, compare, and finally deciding to purchase the products. For marketers, it’s all about listening to your customer’s needs and wants. Your customers, proscepsts can help improve every step in your Sales process. Nobody is going to give you better feedback on how to improve your sales process than your own customers. Hence, it’s very critical to understand the buyer’s journey in the Sales Process.

Below we have defined our audience into three major group of online searchers:

Browsers: They are the people browsing for general information. It’s quite hard to find out what exactly each person is looking for. One could be doing a research for a TV. Another user might be killing time waiting for a bus by searching on his mobile phone. The gigantic majority of this group are not ready to buy and probably never will be. A browser will search for keywords containing just one or two phrases:

  • TV
  • Televsions
  • LCD TVs
  • LED Tvs

Shoppers: They are definitely interested in buying product, however, they are still at the research stage; learning more about the product/services, checking out reviews and comparing prices. Some users from this group will be ready to buy in a matter of days or even hours, but for others it may be weeks, months or perhaps never. A shopper is a bit more specific, using modifiers that will help him find sites consisting of greater pit of information.

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Buyers: Now, these users have finally decided which product and from which brand they are planning to purchase. They are typing with one hand and their credit card in the other. The only barrier to making a purchase is finding the right place and the right deal. The buyer is often specific with his keywords, often using the results of his previous research in the keywords.

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If you have launched your AdWords campaign and budget is your biggest concern, it makes proper sense to target only buyer group. These users are the easiest to convert from shoppers to buyers. As you keep optimization and your experience grows, you can extend your reach to shoppers, and, to some degree, even the browsers as well.

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