Social Media Marketing for Business and Improving Brand Awareness

In present world, Businesses aren’t limited in regard of using social media as a part of their marketing campaign. From biggies like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to new sensations like Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and Instagram. Social Medial platforms have provided businesses with an opportunity to build audiences across multiple channels. Producing engaging content in a variety of media forms is gaining popularity among the marketing leaders. In fact content marketing is the most sorted out trends in 2015.

It is sagacious to understand the user demographic on different social media platforms to choose the network best fits one’s business. Recently Buffer was experimenting with Twitter’s inline image feature, it found out that tweets with images received 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets. This proves a picture is worth a thousand words, and visualization is more engaging than written content.

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Example: Mastercard, the credit card company, launched a branding message about acceptance. On one level it was promoting, the message is about how its credit card is accepted by businesses all over the world, but it also wanted to extend its message about acceptance of people. They chose pinterest to spread their campaign #AcceptanceMatters among other social media networks like Facebook.

MasterCard had zero followers when it started this Pinterest campaign, and in order to help grow i’s presence, it partnered up with Pinterest influencers who were interested in spreading their #AcceptanceMatters message and pins
The results of the campaign led to 24.5 million potential impressions, 13,000 repins in 9 weeks. Mastercard, which had no followers, to begin with gained 171 followers during the time of the campaign.

Video content marketing is rising in proportional to the number of mobile devices. In fact half of all video traffic is routed to a mobile phone or tablet. Companies are looking for the ways to draw audiences to notice their brand.

Example: Microsoft after a huge success of Surface Pro 3 tablet commercial, created a two-minute behind-the-scenes video to answer the question, “Wondering how we got the Surface Pro 3 from the bedroom to the board room in a single shot, without edits?” This video, narrated by the ad’s director, is an entertaining look at how much hustle it took to produce Microsoft’s recent Surface Pro 3 commercial. Definitely this made their audiences happy. below:

Being Creative is what social media marketing is all about; 2015 is the year to implement innovative strategies. In March, Heinz, an American food processing company has launched its ‘Grow Your Own’ campaign for the third year in a row.

It seeks to promote Heinz Ketchup by tying it to the idea of families growing their own food together. A campaign app on Heinz’s Tomato Ketchup Facebook page gave people the chance to win free tomato seeds, and there was also a competition to win gardening equipment. Heinz is also encouraging people to upload photos of their own tomato-growing efforts.

It’s not only running through Facebook though, as the campaign also includes print, in-store, TV and digital activations. This campaign continues Heinz’s reliance on Facebook for ad campaigns.
Undoubtedly, social media has already become part of promotion and marketing. However, with the fast changing technology it is hard to predict the future of Marketing.