Will Augmented Reality will be Used in Digital Marketing? How to be an Early Adopter of Augmented Reality in Digital Marketing

Augmented Reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect, view of a physical real world environment where elements are augmented by computer sensory inputs. The user’s current perception of reality is modified by the Computer. It involves replacement of physical world with a virtual world. Most firms use increased reality in real time, so customers will move with environmental components like scoreboards or bill boards.
Augmented reality has been used by Videogame corporations like Nintendo so as to market new video games. Most little to mid-sized corporations don’t possess the sizeable digital promoting budget of Nintendo, but the employment of mobile devices as augmentation tools has place the ability and novelty of augmentation inside the reach of the typical business. Mobile devices could also be a worthy investment because:

  • They are low-cost and simply factory-made
  • Apps may be changed through third party vendors to suit the requirements of any company.
  • All mobile devices keep company with cameras and screens

Some retailers have already begun to experiment with Augmented Reality. The concept behind using AR in retail environments is to catch consumers’ attention with deals and incentives as they see down the aisles. For instance, retailers can mount an inexpensive tablet that throws an arrow on the floor of the aisle as customers walk. While they are searching, a special deal for specific can of tuna pops out of the aisle. Rather than retailers spend millions to come up with sales tags once a year, ads might be solely discovered with Augmented Reality.
Digital marketers can leverage the benefit of Augmented Reality as given below;

  • E-Commerce and Virtual Shopping: Grocery retail chains can set up location based virtual grocery stores. Customers can visit virtual locations and buy merchandise via apps on their phone. Once customers complete the shopping they can keep it organized and will get delivery thereafter.
  • Enhances Brand Recognition: By allowing customers use hand-held devices with Augmentedreality software or apps, the brand recognition of the company get multiplied.
  • Enhance Advertising:Consumers can now use this technology to place over advertisements and learn more information about the products they intend to buy. Additional data like coupons, product videos, and online page are created out there to assist the customers. Retailers can entice customers to experience the augmented reality and thus they can increase their sales.

Augmented reality is already turning retail centers into personalized interactive utopias. Tech savvy customers are milking the benefits of individual offers crafted directly for them, and marketers are quickly realizing how powerful this technology can be. Digital Market gurus are eager to create and tailor different formats of content with customized copy to reach their target audience. It is the right thing to do, to concentrate on relevance and bring new inspirations.