How to write effective Ad Copies for your PPC Campaigns. Tips from AdsOnSearches

Crafting ad in PPC is really a big deal, because these ads will be seen by thousands of people and within a matter of milliseconds they will evaluate whether they should consider it or not. The ads that attractive and strong draw attention and it is equally important to carry on the impression with good content and offers.

PPC consists of a headline, link and a couple of brief lines of text. Now, people’s attention to click on your ad depends on how compelling your message is and how relevant it is to what they tried for. You will have only 95 characters to explain what you are going to offer and which can pop-up a question in their minds, “Why they should click on your Ads?”

Few Simple Tips for crafting Effective ad copy –
1. Write an eye – catching Headline

The first and foremost point, you need to look up to the “Headline”. Headline is the primary thing that an inquisitive person will see. Within seconds users decide to click your ad, so you should make it short and meaningful. Headline is the most noticeable entity of your ad, and you will have only 25 characters to craft your headline.
Make sure at least once your header contains the relevant keyword, by this customer has clear flash what the company offers and what their products are. This will fortify the relevance of your ad to the seeker and will help them glimpse the value in your offer.
2. Relevant Description with combative Call–to–action
To get clicks on your ad, description should be specific, relevant and explicitly useful for the users. Below the headline are the description lines. You don’t have a much space in your ad to get your point across, with the character limit set at 35 characters per description line, so it is critical to get straight to the point.
Below description you will mention your main point and your biggest offer.
Do ensure you close the deal with compelling call–to–action in the second line description. Imbibing a call-to-action in your ads is crucial because it will help to increase your “Click through rate”.

Few examples of CTA sample–

• Direct-response: Call, Register, Purchase, Checkout, Download, Donate. (“Instant appointment, Call now!”)
• Lead generation: Request a Quote; Contact us, Verify, Access, Start, Receive, Fill, and Enroll.
• Engagement: See, Watch, Read, View Discover, Uncover, Visit, and Check Out!

3. Write an Easy–to–read Display & Destination URL
Your ad should have a display URL and a landing page URL. The display URL is a simple, easy-to-read URL shown at the end of the ad. The landing page URL is what it leads to. It is important that the domain for the display and destination URL must be the same or else Google will disapprove the ad.

4. Introduce keywords in your Headline
Sometimes including your keywords throughout the ads wherever appropriate is best for defined intuition. To Begin with –
• This will give your ad a higher quality score.
• These shore-up the relevance of your ad to the curious person and will help them see the value in your offer.

Note – But try to refrain from flooding keywords into your ad copies. Sometimes keywords overflow looks fake and upset the information.

Ad Copy – while writing ads, make sure to highlight the benefits & services of your product to make sure the ads are strong and effective.
Character limitation of PPC ad –

Headline (25 character ) Left Character Description line 1 (35 character) Left Character Description Line 2 (35character) Left Character
Cheap Black Wedges    7 Latest Selection From Top Brands   3 Free Shipping & Pay On Delivery!   3
Wedge Sandals for Women    2 Exclusive Range of Products.   7 100% Money back Guarantee. Buy Now!   1

In Short, follow some basic rules for effective ads: • Keep it lucid, inquisitive person will decide in seconds or less which ad to elect. • Be relevant, include the search keyword in the headline • Be diverse, enlighten what, makes you stand out. • Close the deal, put a CTA in the last line of description, and give them reason to click on your ad. While writing ad copy, audience should be your main target. Because PPC advertising includes bidding on keywords, it is critical to start by outlining who your audience is, and what type of keywords they add to search.

This article is written by Divya Mishra – PPC Analyst