Content Marketing has Taken New Direction. How the Content will Play a Pivotal Role in Digital Marketing in the Coming Days?

Content marketing is a powerful way to build and convey the brand message. Original content is the latest, to create enough momentum amongst the audiences both primary and secondary. The key is to develop a core message that intrigues people and connects to them instantly, that way communicating and conveying the brands perspective will be easier. Rapid digitalization of world is forcing marketers to broaden their marketing platform to be able to connect to their consumers better. One such example is GE.
General Electric (GE) efforts in this direction include opening Instagram and Tumblr account, refreshing their YouTube channel, and giving their website,, a makeover. It is not all about creating a manifold platform, but content marketing is knowing, how to give marketing platform life through the richness of the content’s purpose and meaning and its ability to propel engagement with target audiences across multiple outlets. GE did the same with its #GEInstawalk campaign on Instagram. GE invited people to join their professional digital team to shoot photographs of their factories and they came back with highly successful results. Later, the company invited six Instagram influencers and six GE super fans to take a special tour of the jet engine test facility in Peebles, OH. They encouraged the guests to take photos of their experience and post it on Instagram. The results were highly successful–they received:
• 3.5MM Instagram followers across the InstaWalk feeds in aggregate
• 200K+ social engagements in first 48 hours.

During the Spring Break of 2014, GE made a new viral video campaign to celebrate the innovations in materials science. The company asked their followers to send them requests through social media for things to crush using their machines. They then ran everyday items through destructive test labs, deploying 78 content assets over two days. The results of the campaign were as follows:
• 300+ fans received videos
• 2.2K+ hashtag mentions
• 1.4M+ video views
• 120M+ earned media impressions

Here, GE focused on generating positive experiences for people and giving them a new perspective on GE as a company. Thus, the campaign was more than a success.

In 2015, one can expect that Digital Marketers focus is on creating incredible content while seriously considering ways to expand the reach of that content. Apart from social media and traditional media, other ways to amplify content conversion rates are:
Articles/blogs- writing high quality content frequently on the relevant subjects and making it genuine, authentic and truedefinitely draws the audience. Also, writing about successful findings and strategies in the form of whitepapershelps. Expanding content into other distribution channels like a webinar can help to connect with audiences. Delivering content as a keynote allows one to get an audience’s instant reaction and address any questions and concerns that come up. Participating in summits/conferences is another way to deliver brand’s content.