How to Setup a Youtube Advertising Campaign to Promote your Business Tips from

Youtube is one of the most cost effective advertising opportunities. Although it’s understood not properly and under-exploited, one can display a video to a specifically targeted audience for a fraction of what you’d end up paying for an text ads on Google Search page. Youtube is a great place to increase and promote your brand, if you’re just getting started or if you’re in a super-competitive market. Moreover, Youtube can help provide cheap traffic source, if you know how to do it right. Here are a few tips to set up and manage YouTube ads.

Step 1: Setup an Online Video Campaign

Before you setup your first Video Campaign, make sure to link your Youtube Channel to your AdWords Account.

From the “All Online Campaign”, click the read “+ Campaign” button and select the last option: “Online Video”


You may find this interface looks a bit different. This is the AdWords for Video tool which separates from the AdWords dashboard you’re used to viewing. This allows you to see more video and Youtube specific metrics such as subscribers made and how much of the video viewers watched. Choose + Campaign button to start creating your first Video Campaign.

 Step 2: Choose your Bid Type and Budget


After providing a name for your campaign, select the usual options – your daily budget, your preferred locations, how you want to target the ads, etc. Once it’s been all done, you have a number of additional steps that include setting up targeting for your campaign, and finally creating ads especially for this group.

The exact name for the bid type you want is “Maximum Cost per view” Here’s where you set the upper limit on how much you pay each time a person watches a portion of your video

Youtube has a number of different advertising formats. You can either choose one single bid that applies to all of them, or you can go the custom route and set a different bid for each format

Step 3: Upload Video Ad and Mobile Adjustment


Next is uploading the Video from your Youtube Channel. Search for the video by typing the keywords or paste the URL from Youtube. Choose the Video Ad Type

  • Drive Views, awareness, or conversions
  • Drive mobile app installs.

If you have an app that you’d like to drive conversion, then choose option b from the radio button.

In-stream video allows your video to be played before another video on either Youtube Videos or Google Display Network. You pay to Google only if a viewer watches 30 seconds or to the end of the ads, whichever comes first.

Another feature rolled out recently is Companion banner. It basically means an image or group of images that appears next to your ad.


Set your mobile bid adjustments, if you wish to target your ads to mobile users. Click “Save and Continue” to begin the “Targeting option for your Ads”


People watch videos to be entertained. They will not be bored. So if you are not entertaining them, click!, it’s on to the next video. You don’t need a fancy lighting crews, huge marketing budget, or great writers to create entertaining videos.


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