How to Setup your first Google Shopping Campaign (Part 2) – Tips from AdsOnSearches®

After setting up and registering your data feed in Google Merchant Center Account, it is time to setup your Google Shopping Campaign in AdWords interface. To do this, click on the Red “+ Campaign” button, and choose the “Shopping” option. See the below image.   After selecting the option, you’ll see the usual setup options such as “Default bid”, “Daily Budget”, “Location,” etc. Give your Campaign a name, and link the account to your Merchant Center account. Select Read more [...]

How to Setup your first Google Shopping Campaign (Part 1) – Tips from AdsOnSearches® for Shopping Feed Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaign was launched on August 2014, after the transition from Product listing Ads (PLAs). Google Shopping ads will appear as small, square type images at the top of the Google Search pages. Sometimes these ads appear just above the top in the upper right-hand corner, and also under the premium ads on the left side of Google search result page. These images draw the eyes of users, and attract a disproportionate share of clicks. Ecommerce stores that run AdWords Google Shopping Campaigns Read more [...]

How to write effective Ad Copies for your PPC Campaigns. Tips from AdsOnSearches

Crafting ad in PPC is really a big deal, because these ads will be seen by thousands of people and within a matter of milliseconds they will evaluate whether they should consider it or not. The ads that attractive and strong draw attention and it is equally important to carry on the impression with good content and offers. PPC consists of a headline, link and a couple of brief lines of text. Now, people’s attention to click on your ad depends on how compelling your message is and how relevant Read more [...]

How to select the most profitable keywords and improve your AdWords Performance?

Performance of AdWords campaign is closely related with keywords which you are selecting. It is a great skill to be mastered by search engine marketers. There are, of course, other elements one needs to understand, to bring success with Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Failure to understand the right keywords will make your business to tank. The campaign performance will dramatically improve if one can accurately predict the keywords and further segment these keywords into appropriate adgroups. Although Read more [...]

How To Differentiate Online Searchers and Identify Right Type of Searchers & Target Your Ads

Internet has brought enormous opportunities for customers to research, analyze, compare, and finally deciding to purchase the products. For marketers, it’s all about listening to your customer’s needs and wants. Your customers, proscepsts can help improve every step in your Sales process. Nobody is going to give you better feedback on how to improve your sales process than your own customers. Hence, it’s very critical to understand the buyer’s journey in the Sales Process. Below we have Read more [...]

Basic Principles For Optimizing Quality Scores in Your PPC Account.

Tips from to Improve Quality Score in AdWords Accounts. Quality Score is a fundamental logic in the system to make sure that Google display the most relevant ads in response to a search when users interact with Google search engine.  Google’s effort is to bring the best organic and paid search results to facilitate users to find answers to their search queries.  There are some factors and rules which will be quantified to assist you while, optimize optimizing Read more [...]

How to use Dynamic Keyword Insertion {DKI} to enhance your PPC Performance. Benefits of Dynamic Keyword Insertion in AdWords

Tips from AdsOnSearches to Improve Your PPC account Keyword insertion is awesome if you have thousands of keywords  and donot have the time and patience to create thousands of duplicate ad copies to individual products While keyword insertion may expand your CTR, remember the conversion rate.  If you are a publisher being paid per page view, dynamic keyword insertion will likely work well.  If you are selling a product, you need to measure if your keyword insertion ads have different conversion Read more [...]

Employing Mobile Ads to Improve Adwords Performance

Mobile usage has been climbing and is a test for advertisers who look to achieve and captivate this group of onlookers. Portable clients have diverse needs than individuals on a desktop machine. They frequently need diverse data when they are out in the group than when they are at home or in the workplace. For instance, in the event that somebody looks for the brand Best Buy while on the machine, they may be searching for a genuine area, to buy a thing, or for value examination. In the event that Read more [...]

Understanding Display Network to Increase Traffic to Website

The Display Network is a regularly misjudged part of Google Adwords. The Display Network will demonstrate your promotions on non-inquiry pages, for example, news articles. Since pursuit site hits are a little rate of the Web, utilizing the Display Network can expand your publicizing reach enormously. So, What is Display Network? When you consider Google, you commonly consider seek. When its all said and done, its the head web crawler on the Web. In the event that somebody needs to direct an inquiry Read more [...]

Google My Business – Local Business Listing

Google Places (likewise called "Google Maps") is an incredible approach to discover neighborhood organizations and get driving bearings to where you need to go. Google Maps is likewise an extraordinary path for your organization to get new nearby business since a large number of individuals pursuit Google Maps consistently! In the event that you have a business that panders to neighborhood clients in your city, a free posting on Google Maps makes it simple for them to discover you. In case you're Read more [...]

Google AdWords Remarketing: A Good Way to Reconnect with Previous Visitors

Remarketing is a way for brands to reach out to potential customers with relevant message through internet browsing across the Google Display Network or Google Search. It can also provide information for people who have previously visited the website. By using remarketing strategy detailed information about customer’s message is available on sections of the site they previously visited Setting up Remarketing in AdWords It is required to setup remarketing list to utilize the campaign in communicating Read more [...]

Guidelines, Benefits and Factors Affecting Quality Score in Google Adwords

Quality Score: Quality Score is the heartbeat of “Google AdWords”. Quality Score depends on your “Ads” and how much your keywords are relevant ”. Quality Score, shows how healthy your Ads and Keywords are. If your ads will be more relevant, your quality score will be higher – if your QS will be higher, your position will be better and then you’ll have to pay less for a click.                         Quality score   =    Performance/Expectation Some Factors Read more [...]

Google Ad Extensions: A Guide to Creating Extensions in Google AdWord

Adding site link is a method  of optimzing AdWords campaign. This will bring more conversion which in turn will bring down CPC and increase CTR.  There are different types of extensions namely, Sitelink, Location, Phone, Review, Social media extension and more. These types of  extensions are added by Google as needed. Details are given below:   Creating sitelinks in campaign: In Google AdWords under the Settings tab the campaign must be chosen as All features. At least 4 sitelinks need Read more [...]

Google AdWords: Improving Displayed Ads Using Ad Extensions

Google results offer a wide range of PPC ad extensions for the brand ad to stand out.  By incorporating additional features such as location, phone number, product links or rating of website the ad extensions will help in enhancing the number of clicks on brand ads.  Google ad extension will appear with the ad and some may even appear in Google display network.  It is free of cost to add extensions in the campaign or ads group. Generally ad extensions are created at the campaign level only.  Read more [...]