Basic Principles For Optimizing Quality Scores in Your PPC Account.

Tips from to Improve Quality Score in AdWords Accounts.

Quality Score is a fundamental logic in the system to make sure that Google display the most relevant ads in response to a search when users interact with Google search engine.  Google’s effort is to bring the best organic and paid search results to facilitate users to find answers to their search queries.  There are some factors and rules which will be quantified to assist you while, optimize optimizing your keywords for higher Quality Scores.  Best is to continually keeping the user in mind when you set up ad copies, keywords, and landing pages.

Every time an ad is displayed the auction process happens in the AdWords system.  Within this auction, Google uses Quality Score which is updated in real time.  Google updates Quality Score in respect to click-through rate every day for many keywords.  However, for unusually high impression keywords, this update would happen more than once per day.

Google updates the Quality Score algorithm about once per month.  These are slight tweaks to the algorithm which will or might not have an effect on your account. Google updates Quality Score in regard to relevancy about once per week.  Google updates landing page data even less often.

Google crawls the landing pages at periodic intervals.  The higher the traffic, the more often your site will be crawled.  Once your landing page changes are processed, the changes should be mirrored inside your account before the next time Quality Score is updated.

Google tries to display the foremost acceptable ads to every searcher, however the searchers also vote by clicking on your ads.  Since click-through rate is that the highest weighted factor in determining Quality Score, those clicks primarily decide if your keywords can receive Top Quality Scores.

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Below are the best practices for optimizing the Quality Score

Quality Score is one of the most important numbers you can understand and optimize in your account.  While the number can seem questionable to work with, once you understand these principles, it is a number that can be evaluated and enhanced.

  1. In order to increase the Ad Rank, you need to either increase your Quality Score, raise your bids, or change your Ad Extensions.
  • You should optimize your Quality score, instead of raising your bids if you have low Quality Score.
  •  Ad Extensions can help boost the CTR and eventually increase the Quality Score. Start creating one today and see the improvement.
  •  If your Quality score is between 8 – 10, and you are already using Ad Extensions, then its’ time to raise your Maximum CPC. Always ensure that your new bid does not make your keyword unprofitable, while raising the CPC.
  1. It is very important to create granular ad groups with tightly related keywords and ad copies.
  2. Make sure your landing page is endowed with the following five characteristics:
  • Spiderability: Make certain that Google’s bot can find and read your landing pages.
  • Relevance: Your landing page must reflect its general theme or its keyword.
  • Navigation: Ensure the searcher to navigate to other areas of your website if they couldn’t search what they are searching for on the landing page.
  • Load Time: Make certain that your site loads quickly.
  1. It is very vital to display your Quality score on your PPC account as well as in AdWords Editor so that you can quickly notice the changes in Quality Score.
  1. Search for Keywords where your first page bid is higher than your Max. CPC. By increasing the Max. CPC or optimizing the Quality Score, we can raise the Ad rank and bring it in position 1.
  1. Your Quality Score changes over time. This is because of the keywords and ad copies that receive more data from clicks or from Google itself, by updating its Quality Score Algorithm. Use the My Change History tool, report scheduling, and AdWords Editor to keep previous historical data about your account.
  1. Your Quality Score is not shown for Display Network. However, you can still optimize and improve your Display Network Quality score by creating tightly themed ad groups and examining your relative CTR.
  1. Use pivot tables in your excel to save time and identify areas to improve Quality Score.

Quality Score

You should be able to track your Quality Scores, and changes over time by applying these principles.  When you find areas that can be optimized, you can improve your Quality Score, which will lead to higher Ad position or a decrease in CPC.

This article is written by Abilash from AdsOnSearches.  He can be reached at