Guidelines, Benefits and Factors Affecting Quality Score in Google Adwords

Quality Score:

Quality Score is the heartbeat of “Google AdWords”. Quality Score depends on your Ads and how much your keywords are relevant . Quality Score, shows how healthy your Ads and Keywords are. If your ads will be more relevant, your quality score will be higher – if your QS will be higher, your position will be better and then you’ll have to pay less for a click.

                        Quality score   =    Performance/Expectation

Some Factors are there that affects the quality score:

  • CTR (Click- through rate)
  • Relevant Keyword
  • Landing page Quality

CTR is most important part of Quality score, when people will see your ad and it will be relevant and useful for users then they will click and it will be good signal and google rewards you: Higher ad Ranking and Lower costs.

Relevant Keyword, keyword should be relevant to content. Keywords are ‘Words’ or ‘Phrases’ that describe content. Keyword should be relevant to the ads in ads group.

Landing page Quality, should be good because it will affect both Quality score and Ad rank. If landing page have these 3 factors, it will be automatically good – should be relevant, transparency and original content.


Quality Score Grade:

Quality score grade will start from 1 to 10 numbers, 1 will be lowest score and 10 will be highest. This score will give you the idea of the Qualityof your ads’


—Dead— ————-Sick———- —————-Weak——————–Good————–Excellent—————-

1/10 2/10 3/10 4/10 5/10 6/10 7/10 8/10 9/10 10/10


  • If you are getting 1/10, your keyword is dead and you are in trouble.
  • If 2/10 or 3/10, your keyword is in sick position.
  • 4-6, it is the indication of getting weak.You should concentrate and getting them atleast 7.
  • Quality score 7/10 means, it’s still in great condition.
  • If 8-10, it’s outstanding in health; your keyword will appear on top of the page.


Benefits of a Good Quality Score:

  • Your ad will appear with more detailed information about your product, if you have a good Quality score.
  • You can bid low and still can appear on First page in Google.
  • If your Quality score goes up, your CPC will be lower. CPC means you pay for each click on your ads, and if Quality score will be high then you have to pay less for each click.
  • Keywords with high Quality score pay less to advertisers when compared to lower quality score.



Guidelines for Quality Score option in AdWords:-

In Campaigns, Each Keyword has a Quality Score, but it won’t be Visible it’ll be hidden by default, but you can get Quality score option.

Follow these Steps for Quality Score:

  • Go to KeywordTab.
  • Click on “Column” Option. There will be Customize Column click on that option.
  • Click on Quality score add option.


Adding Quality Score

• Now Click “Apply” to save Quality score.

Save Quality Score