Google AdWords: Improving Displayed Ads Using Ad Extensions

Google results offer a wide range of PPC ad extensions for the brand ad to stand out.  By incorporating additional features such as location, phone number, product links or rating of website the ad extensions will help in enhancing the number of clicks on brand ads.  Google ad extension will appear with the ad and some may even appear in Google display network.  It is free of cost to add extensions in the campaign or ads group.

Generally ad extensions are created at the campaign level only.  This can be done by either setting up extensions to create the campaign for the first time or create new ones with an existing campaign.  It is also possible to create Ad extension in selected ad groups.

Google Ad Extension 1


The following ad extensions must be created with global feature:

  • Sitelinks
  • Call extensions that don’t use a Google forwarding number
  • Social annotations
  • Review extensions (English language only)


Sitelinks Extensions

Sitelinks are most desirable and common extension in AdWords.  The sitelink ad extension appears at the bottom of the ad and will show links to specific pages of the website.  It acts as a guide for potential customers in order to find what they are looking for in the brand website.

Google Ad Extension 2


Location Extensions

This feature will provide an option to browse the website listing and match that with relevant physical outlet location.  This extension is only for businesses with a physical location.

Google Ad Extension 3


Call Extensions

To make ads become more effective the call extensions feature can be added in the PPC ad.  This feature is very helpful for small to medium sized local companies, which shows up when a search seeker is using their smartphone to search.  This can be added in ad groups as well as campaigns.  Call extensions is applicable only for campaigns targeting the Display Network.  On the Display Network, call extensions feature will show number of clicks or links and also the call format.

Google Ad Extension 4

 Google Ad Extension 5


Review Extensions

This new extension feature in AdWords is for larger companies that can get reviews from reliable 3rd party sources.  Here it is required to show positive reviews, awards, valuable comments or recognition in the ads.

Google Ad Extension 6


Product Extensions

With this new feature it is possible to boost the existing ads with more relevant and specific products.  This feature is helpful to highlight the brand products directly in search ads using the existing Google Merchant Center account.  With the help of Google Merchant Center account the products which are relevant to the search seeker’s query and the images, titles, corresponding prices can be chosen to be displayed in a box below the ad.

Google Ad Extension 7



Social Extensions

Recently Google introduced Google+ as a social media and this is extended into AdWords.  Through Social ad Extensions, advertisers have received recognition for their business from search seekers, whether they are looking at an ad, a search result or the page.  This means that the Google account +1’s will reach not only the 60+ million users of Google+, but all the people who come to Google every day.  This will help in enhancing the overall potential and ad performance.

Google Ad Extension 8




Google AdWords provides lot of options for ad extensions for business PPC campaign.  This is helpful for users to find the brand more easily.