How to use Dynamic Keyword Insertion {DKI} to enhance your PPC Performance. Benefits of Dynamic Keyword Insertion in AdWords

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Keyword insertion is awesome if you have thousands of keywords  and donot have the time and patience to create thousands of duplicate ad copies to individual products

While keyword insertion may expand your CTR, remember the conversion rate.  If you are a publisher being paid per page view, dynamic keyword insertion will likely work well.  If you are selling a product, you need to measure if your keyword insertion ads have different conversion rates than your other ads.  More visitors are not useful if it leads to fewer conversions.

Generally, it is believed that the Keyword Insertion does not naturally increase your Quality Score.  The ad (after keyword insertion) is used to decide a keyword’s Quality Score, so it might have a slight impact on increasing your Quality Score, but the larger effect on Quality Score is from an increment in CTR.

Keyword insertion works on both the Search and Display networks.  For the search network, the keyword inserted is simple and easy; it’s the one that triggered your ad to show.

On the display network, keyword insertion is more vague.  On the display network, the keyword that is inserted into your ad is the one that Google decides the most likely to trigger your ad for that specific page.  For example, say your ad group contained these keywords:

  • Plumber
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Fixing showers

If a user were reading a news article about the increase in home owners remodeling their kitchens and bathrooms for resale, the most likely match for that article would be the keyword kitchen remodeling.  Therefore, your keyword insertion ad would use the keyword kitchen remodeling in your ad copy for that particular page. If your keyword list contained both the keywords Kitchen  remodeling and bathroom remodeling, either of those could be inserted into the ad copy. Hence, we have to ensure that adgroups to be carefully structured to avoid such mishaps in ads.

How to Create Keyword Insertion Ads

To create a keyword insertion ad, you replace part of the ad copy with a special syntax that denotes that the keyword should be inserted into a specific section of the ad.  Along with denoting where the keyword will be embedded, you have to characterize what will demonstrate if the keyword cannot be inserted (such as trademarks, misspellings, or exceptionally long keywords).

The syntax is very straightforward: insert {keyword: Aromatherapy} into any part of your ad copy, replacing the Text with what you would like to see in your ad copy if the keyword could not be inserted.  With keyword insertion, you can accomplish the following:

  • Allocate an entire line to keyword insertion
  • Allocate only part of a line to keyword insertion
  • Add keyword insertion into any line of ad copy
  • Use keyword insertion in multiple lines
  • Add keyword insertion into the display URL


Keyword insertion can be a powerful tool when used correctly.  The ability to automatically add keywords into the ad copy can help increase your ad’s relevance to the consumer.  However, when used poorly, a keyword insertion ad can lower your CTR.

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