Google AdWords Remarketing: A Good Way to Reconnect with Previous Visitors

Remarketing is a way for brands to reach out to potential customers with relevant message through internet browsing across the Google Display Network or Google Search. It can also provide information for people who have previously visited the website. By using remarketing strategy detailed information about customer’s message is available on sections of the site they previously visited

Setting up Remarketing in AdWords

It is required to setup remarketing list to utilize the campaign in communicating with potential customers. A remarketing list is a collection of cookies from people who visited the website. When a remarketing campaign is to be run it is required to add/ manage audience on the AdWords account.
Based on the website need the remarketing campaign needs to be setup. Types of remarketing campaigns are:

Display Network Remarketing: When search seekers browse the internet, this will show ads about the website.

Search ads list Remarketing: When seekers search for a particular phrase on Google, the brand website ads will be displayed for the previous visitors of the website. This reach can be expanded by adding more keywords, bidding on keywords that are not usually used by the brand, and customize the ads to reach out to them.

It is required to setup audience list in adwords dashboard to begin with. The following steps need to be done to setup audience list:

1. Below the list of campaigns, in navigation bar, the Shared library option will have to be clicked on.
2. Next it is required to click on Audiences section and then + Remarketing List button is selected.
3. Here a remarketing list name will be added, which is descriptive in nature.
4. Target audience needs to be added in the list. The simplest way is to add previous visitors to a particular page of the website here.
5. Later the membership duration is entered for the list (when available).
6. When a remarketing tag is available on the website then the option Include past visitors that match these rules should be left selected in the checkbox to include recent visitors matching the required list criteria.

New Marketing List

To process the remarketing in the adWords account, it is a must to add remarketing tag to website pages. This is a small snippet of code that is available from AdWords. The snippet is copied from Google AdWords and added to the website. This will allow the visitors to be added to the remarketing lists, which will help the brand in displaying the ads to these visitors when they visit other sites.

The final remarketing enabled code will look like this:

Remarketing Tag

Here there are already some available audience. So a new campaign is launched with a different name such as remarketing and put same pre-built audience in remarketing campaign. The Campaign name is retained as remarketing and the ad group is created for remarketing campaign. After that ads option is clicked on where it is possible to choose the image/text ads option and then this is saved. The ads can be updated anytime later based on requirement.

Add to Ad Groups

It is better not to include any keywords because AdWords will target this as keywords for the audience. Instead include Ad copies and images since it’s a display campaign, all our ads will be shown on all content networks. To add audience the option audience tab is selected and add audience button is clicked on. After that the remarketing own list is selected and the audience list is added and then saved.


Once the tag is added to the relevant page on the website, the audience list will start populating and then it is possible to start using it to manage Google display network campaign. While managing the campaign, it is needed to analyze Adwords statistics such as clicks, impression and conversions.

The running campaign can be optimized by keeping track of visitor actions to the website related to targeted audience response from particular ads. By aiming the right audience with wide target group it is possible to receive better response from campaign ads. Remarketing is likely to be more effective when there is significant number of visitors to the website.