How to Setup your first AdSense Account.? Quick and Easy Methods to increase Revenue to your website


Google Adsense is a great option for monetizing online content, and brings additional source of income for your online business. AdSense is a sort of affiliate marketing where the owners of the site get share of revenue when Google ads are viewed by your site visitors. AdSense is a Google product and it compliments with the business model of AdWords in placing contextual ads in relevant websites. It is easy to set up an AdSense account once Google approves your site for placing ads.

The basic criteria used to be a running website or a blog that can be indexed by Google within a minimum of 10 pages. It is also very critical not to violate Google Adsense policies.

Step 1: Setting up the Account

First, you need to go to Adsense home page and select “Get Started Now”. Now you must go ahead and complete the Registration Form. You can either use your existing Google Account or create a new one just for your blog or content.


Step 2: Adding your web content and details



Provide the website URL followed by the choosing the Content Language.

Step 3: Submit Your AdSense Application:

After submitting your website, next enter your personal information (Country, time zone, Account type – Individual or business, payee name , City, Town, phone). You will be billed when you receive your payment. Next “Submit my Application” to finish with registration

After submitting your application, google will then review the site and you will get an mail from them after 2 business working days If you application has been approved for AdSense programme.

You are now eligible to use AdSense and monetize your website. Next you’ll receive a snippet code where you need to add to all the pages of your site

Once the code is added you will find Google ads in your web pages associated with compensation from Google for placing their ads in your web pages. Now, keep watching your statement of account and will find steady flow of money in your AdSense account. As you promote your website, your site attracts more visitors and increased compensation from Google as well.

If you wish you monetize you website content, and still having problems. Don’t worry – give us a call, and we’ll help you submit your application.

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