Google AdWords- How to Write Good and Effective Ad Copies One

Google AdWords is an online service which offers PPC (Pay- per-Click), CPC (Cost-per-Click) and CPA (Cost-per-Acquisition) Advertising.  You pay for those ads which gets more impressions or clicks as  per the selected placement method.  Good Ad copies the first step to bring qualified visitors and for which we need to adopt effective method which result in increase in site traffic.



Research competitor websites

The appropriate use of keywords in your Ad copies plays a vital role and it is the backbone of PPC Ads. Ideally, it should start with research on your competitors and type of ads they use.

Catchy Heading Brings Bonus

Remember to design the heading with catchy words in correlation with your target keyword. Heading can describe what you are selling and why you are comparatively better than your competitors. Heading should meaningful message to the visitor

Proper Call to Action

Call to action’ is an effective method to bring more traffic. Your catchy heading should be followed with enticing ‘call to action’ message. It should be designed in such a manner so that the searchers sense the action to be taken from it. If you really want to hit it with the correct ‘call to action’, try for more creative alternatives.

Advertisement Body

Based on what you are going to sell or promote, write the Ads body within the limited character range. The landing page of the site should be referred beforehand so as to keeping track on what you are going to create on the ad copy.

Update Your Ad to Expanded Text Ads

If you want to raise the Quality Score of your Ads, update your existing Ads to ETAs (Expanded Text Ads). Google has recently introduced this ETA which has switched around some fields and extended some character limits.

1. There are now two headline fields each with a 30-character limit.
2. The two description lines have been merged into one 80-character field.
3. The Display URL domain populates automatically from your Final URL and provides two optional 15-character “path” fields appended to the domain.
4. All ETAs are mobile-optimized. The “Device Preference” prompt is a thing of the past.
The best way to achieve high quality score for your Ads is to include appropriate keywords in the headlines. Also ensure that the Ad is relevant to the user search queries. You should also try to use Ad extensions as much as possible; it greatly increases the screen space leading to high CTRs. However they do not represent a guaranteed improvement, so you need to keep your advertising account in order and approach the new feature cautiously.

Create 2-3 Ads per Ad Groups To measure the Ads performance-

Whenever you create Ads for the Ad groups, try to design 3-4 Ads for each Ad groups at a time so as to measure the impact of the Ads on the users’ interest.

Therefore instead of editing the existing Ads this step can be adopted as well. For a beginner ETAs can be a bit tricky at the first attempt for creating Ad.