Easy Steps to Set up Google Ads – A few Tips for Keyword Research and Initiating Google Ads

Google Ads is from Google, where advertisers pay based on result.  Result means click on the ads, or viewing of ads and other appropriate metrics as identified.  It is very simple to set up Google AdWords.  Here is the process of setting up Google Ads very quickly.


Sign in to Google ads –https://ads.google.com/ideally with your Gmail account


Click on campaign

  • Create new campaign
  • Select the type of goal that would make your campaign successful and campaign type
  • Enter your campaign name
  • Select the location. Selecting the location helps you to target the people who are in that geographic location and people who are interested in your product
  • Select language. Language targeting allows you to restrict where your ads that can appear based on the user’s language settings and the language of the site
  • Enter the budget as how you are willing to invest

Easy Steps to Set up Google Ads – A few Tips for Keyword Research and Initiating Google Ads


Step 3:

Create Ad group

  • Enter the Ad group name
  • Select the audiences to be targeted
  • Enter the budget for the Ad group

Step 4:

Click on create Campaign

We need to be ready with set of keywords while setting up a new campaign.  There are multiple tools which help to identify keywords.  Other than Google Keyword Planner one can find numerous such tools.

Here are a few such tools to identify keywords






The right set of keywords and optimized landing page will help to reach right customers, against a search.  Hence it is really worth to spend some time on keyword research while setting up ads.  Always, ensure to start any campaign with most relevant keywords for your business to get best result out of investment.