Increase More Traffic to your Business using Amazon Sponsored Ads – Tips for Using Amazon Ads


Amazon Market place is getting supremely competitive. While it is a great selling platform, driving buyers to your listing is a challenge, specifically when you are matched up against Amazon. Amazon Sponsored Ads are aimed to allow sellers to promote their product on Amazon, and drive customers to their own website to complete the transaction. These ads are based on keywords that you setup for your campaign that matches user’s search queries and work on the principle of Pay Per Click (PPC) model. Sponsored Product Ads is a great place to commence, if you are considering online ads to boost sales to your website.

Which program is right for you- Amazon Sponsored Products or Amazon Product Ads?

Both Amazon Sponsored Products and Amazon Product Ads are good options to increase visibility and revenue for your online store in Amazon.

Amazon Sponsored Products has been an Amazon promotion alternative which helps improve visibility on the Amazon commercial center since 2012. This year Amazon redesigned the project with Campaign Manager option and further improving the user friendliness. Now, the sponsored prodcuts are displayed on Amazon search and result pages.


Amazon Sponsored Products hosts commercial center merchant items that are Buy Box qualified on pursuit and item pages with an extra cost for every snap expense. Amazon Sponsored Products highlights item advertisements for Amazon Buy Box qualified items on Amazon seek.

Supported Products Ads can populate at the base of Amazon indexed lists:

Amazon uses Bids, Search relevancy and keywords to display ads


Contrasted with Amazon Product Ads, Amazon Sponsored Products setup is much in the event that you can versus how you can. That is, Amazon Sponsored Products are accessible for merchants who are Sponsored Products qualified.

Sponsored Products is just accessible in 6 nations and over 30 classes right now.

The real advantage of Sponsored Products for Amazon merchants is picking up perceivability on Amazon’s aggressive and item thick commercial center. In view of that, its key venders utilizing Sponsored Products to streamline existing item data on Amazon. Reliably review and advance your item data because of Buy Box variables (e.g. item value, picture, shipping, etc.)

Keep on attempting to accomplish a higher Buy Box offer for individual items and more items over your stock. In particular, attempt and get expanded Buy Box possession for your top offering things.

Supported Products run in light of your everyday spending plan and advertisement offers review your crusade methodology frequently for higher ROI and to dodge clicks which aren’t changing over.

Much the same as AdWords advertisements on Google searches, Sponsored Products are constrained in the amount of space they involve on Amazon. Refine the variables which do show up (item picture, title, value, star rating, and so forth.) to get the most out of your promotions.

Consider your online store variables-what you offer, your edges, promoting budget, etc. close by the variables for offering on the Amazon Marketplace, through Amazon Product Ads or Amazon Sponsored Products.

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