Google Ad Extensions: A Guide to Creating Extensions in Google AdWord

Adding site link is a method  of optimzing AdWords campaign. This will bring more conversion which in turn will bring down CPC and increase CTR.  There are different types of extensions namely, Sitelink, Location, Phone, Review, Social media extension and more. These types of  extensions are added by Google as needed. Details are given below:   Creating sitelinks in campaign: In Google AdWords under the Settings tab the campaign must be chosen as All features. At least 4 sitelinks need Read more [...]

How Google Rich Snippet Code is Important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Rich snippets provide webmaster with the useful information to the web search result snippet.  The purpose of rich snippet is to give user with more information about the content.  It is better to decide the most relevant result for a search query that could generate additional traffic to the site.   Rich snippets are designed to summarize the content of a page making it easier for users to understand what the page is about in search results.  If you are considering taking advantage Read more [...]

Why "All Search Terms" is Important in AdWords Optimization??

Google AdWords is a main source of advertising service by Google for businesses to earn revenue by displaying ads on Google network.This Ad words program help in setting a budget for advertising and only have to pay when people click on ads, known as “Pay per Click”.   Businesses that use AdWords to promote their business on Search engines can create relevant ads using keywords that people use to search through Google Search Engine, and for specific geographic location where people Read more [...]

Are you Looking for Back Office Services to Improve Operational Efficiency?

Back office services are services which are not publicly visible but remain truly at the heart of any successful business.  Back office service includes the supportive function for administrative and professional services.  It includes transaction processing, data conversion, document indexing, data support services, data research, business research, accounting, digital marketing, Information technology support and more. Back office services include non-core or non-essential services as Read more [...]

How to Promote Online Business through Social Media Platforms? Popular Platforms for Online Marketers and Tips to Handle the Platforms

Of late, social media platforms have become popular among internet users and thus it became very attractive platforms for internet marketers.  Online business owners can easily reach out to wide variety of active internet users, and thus attract them through more engaging means.  The most popularly used social media platforms are video sharing and social networking websites. Video sharing websites like YouTube have become known as the launching pad for artists, directors, singers, comedians, Read more [...]

How to Promote Your Blog Through Social Media? What Steps to Promote Blogs Online

Writing blog is not the most difficult part in blogging but getting viewers is the important part.  After writing hundreds of blog posts but attracting no viewers is mere waste of time.  The viewership of blogs determines the popularity of the same.  Social media platforms have made the job easier to get connected to people having similar thoughts.  Here are certain tips that will help you to gain new readers: Facebook Post your blog content or the URL of the blog post in your Facebook status Read more [...]

How to Recommend Your Facebook Business Page to Your Friends? Invite Your Friends to Like Your Business Page Now.

Do you administer of any Facebook Pages? Then you have the ability to recommend your administered Facebook Pages to your friends! We've been asked how to do this many times.  I've decided to make a proper set of instructions and refer to this when I am next asked. How to invite friends to your Facebook Page 1. Login to your Facebook Personal Page. 2. On left side list you'll find the Your Business Page in PAGES AND ADS panel 3. Click on Your Business Page, than your Business Facebook Read more [...]

Google Analytics and Google AdWords Conversion Tracker

Conversion tracker in Google Analytics helps to track the events associated with the visit of a webpage by any user. This tool can be successfully integrated with Google AdWords to reap the maximum benefit out of ads spending and to improve your returns in search advertising. The process involves placing a cookie on the user’s computer when an advertisement is clicked on a website. This cookie stores information about the visitor’s behavior and send back the details to the Google Server Read more [...]

Importance of Web Analytics Accuracy for Online Business Growth

In the past decade, the Internet has transformed marketing, but anyone expecting to increase their revenue and profitability using the web needs to get their facts straight with respect to web traffic. Of course, the web is a great medium to market and sell products and services. But if you don’t understand the behavior of your web site visitors in sufficient, your business is going nowhere. So it is no great surprise that the business of web analytics has grown in tandem with business use Read more [...]

Web Analytics and Business Research

Web analytics is the process of gathering and analyzing your web content’s data in order to gather meaningful information about how your site is being utilized by your users. There are plenty of Web analytics applications out there, and you probably already know the leading players such as Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, and remote-site services such as Alexa and Compete for Web analytics processes. Web analytics is not just a tool for measuring Web site traffic but can be used as a tool for business Read more [...]

What is Big about Bing? A Simple Web analytics

Bing claims that it is taking the Search Engine world by storm. How far it is true? Bing looks more attractive in look and does not have a generic look by default. Let’s do a analytical search for ‘Job in Bangalore’ in Google and Bing. Google gives a result of 11.5 million pages and Bing gives 5.8 million pages. Google gives more sponsored ads and Bing gives less. Bing gives a page preview in addition to the short description Now, do a search for Job in New York in Google and Bing. Google Read more [...]

How to Grant Access to Other Users in Google Analytics Account

One of the highlights of Google Analyticsis that it allows you to permit access to other users to view the reports of the website that is a part of your Google Analytics account. To do this, you will have to add the other user as a user with your account and that allows the other user to view the Analytics report of the site by logging into his/her user account. You can grant different levels of access to your generated reports. By doing this, the secondary user cannot make changes to the settings Read more [...]

How to Install Google Analytics?

The benefit of installing Google Analytics is that one can view the data generated about the visitors who are viewing your site.The basic mechanism includes copying a segment of JavaScript code from the Google Analytics site to the pages that you need to be tracked. 1. Click the “Access Analytics” button on the home page to create a new account or login to open an existing account. 2. Now sign in with your username and password. 3. For security reasons you will be asked to sign Read more [...]