How to Install Google Analytics?

The benefit of installing Google Analytics is that one can view the data generated about the visitors who are viewing your site.The basic mechanism includes copying a segment of JavaScript code from the Google Analytics site to the pages that you need to be tracked. 1. Click the “Access Analytics” button on the home page to create a new account or login to open an existing account.

2. Now sign in with your username and password.

3. For security reasons you will be asked to sign up once more.

4. Once logged in,enter the URL of the site you wish to track,give an account name,and choose country and time zone.

5. Accept the User Agreement and Data Settings clause.The default is set to allow Google to use the data for comparison purposes to perform benchmarking as part of analytics. Then select the “Create New Account” button.

6. Now copy the JavaScript code which needs to be placed on individual pages of your website.Make sure to select the ‘ga.js” version from the two options and then click “Continue”.

7. On this page, you will notice that the tracking status is not yet   verified.

8. Open Dreamweaver to install the code.

9. Paste the code on the pages that require tracking.Insert the tracking code from Google Analytics on the pages just before the tag.

Now save the page and with this the process is completed. Your Google Analytics account starts collecting the details about the visits to your site, number of visitors, keywords which drive the website, exit page, time on site and more.