Why "All Search Terms" is Important in AdWords Optimization??

Google AdWords is a main source of advertising service by Google for businesses to earn revenue by displaying ads on Google network.This Ad words program help in setting a budget for advertising and only have to pay when people click on ads, known as “Pay per Click”.


Businesses that use AdWords to promote their business on Search engines can create relevant ads using keywords that people use to search through Google Search Engine, and for specific geographic location where people can see these ads.  The keyword, when searched in Google search engine, triggers the ads related to that keyword to be shown.  When anything is searched on Google, “Sponsored Links” are found on the right-hand side or above the Google search results.  These Sponsored links are Google AdWords.  If that ad is clicked on, Google search users are then directed to their website.



To create a strong and relevant AdWord campaign, it is necessary to first understand your own website.  It is good to assess the industry and audience before beginning an optimization.  There are different ways to evaluate the website and identify goals before beginning to optimize any campaign.

 Know your website

The important and core feature of any website is the “Products and Services” offered.  It is very important to know products and services on your website.  In knowing these, it becomes easier to evaluate the website, assess how a visitor may interact with and respond to the content on the site.

Some elements to consider while evaluating websites are:

  • Ease of use is most important: The visitors of the website should be able to quickly understand how to navigate through the website and find the information they’re looking for.  Navigation and search bars allow prospective customers to look for more specific items or different styles.  Clearly marked buttons that read ‘Sign Up Now!’ or ‘Add to Cart’ encourage further action from these prospective customers.  On the other hand, broken links, inaccurate or unfinished landing pages and other obstacles make it more difficult for prospective customers to become actual customers.


  • Layout and design of the website: Visitors to website may respond more favorably to a site that is straight-forward, clean, and simple to navigate.  Those who do not find what they are looking for tend to leave the site within few seconds.


  • Sitemap:  Specific landing pages can help these prospective customers find exactly what they are looking for.  A sitemap is solution for better landing pages.


Ways to Optimize AdWords Campaign

Google makes it easy to set up an AdWords campaign, but not so easy to get a return on your investment in pay-per-click.  There are a lot of levers that can be pulled in Ad Words campaign to influence results.

Here are some ways to keep in mind while optimizing AdWords

  • Optimize Primary and secondary keywords.
  • Each keyword in campaign has a cost that depends on how many others are bidding on it.
  • Primary keywords are directly related to your product/service.
  • In case of highly competitive products, primary keywords may prove to be quite expensive.
  • It’s equally important to choose secondary keywords that are not directly related to the product.
  • Secondary keywords widen reach and can bring down pay-per-click advertising costs if less competitive segments are chosen.

Different matching options are available to choose keywords for AdWords campaigns.  The main keyword match options include the following:

  • Broad Match: This reaches the most users by showing your ad whenever your keyword is searched for.
  • Negative Match: This option prevents your ad from showing when a word or phrase specified by you is searched for.
  • Phrase Match: Your ad is shown for searches that match the exact phrase.
  • Exact Match: Your ad is shown for searches that match the exact phrase exclusively.



Google Ad Words is very easy to set up and very reliable to get traffic on the landing pages.  Also it is certain to get return on investment with Ad Words.  But the important thing is to be wise and gather information, as much can be gathered, about Ad Words.  Success will defiantly come if Google Ad Words are used correctly.


This article was written by Anshu, Senior  Analyst(PPC) working with DART.