Are you Looking for Back Office Services to Improve Operational Efficiency?

Back office services are services which are not publicly visible but remain truly at the heart of any successful business.  Back office service includes the supportive function for administrative and professional services.  It includes transaction processing, data conversion, document indexing, data support services, data research, business research, accounting, digital marketing, Information technology support and more.

Back office services include non-core or non-essential services as well.  Back office services involve centralization of already performed administrative functions of different organization, ensuring its efficient and effective delivery with maximum possibility.  These services are delivered at reduced cost but with higher quality and utmost timeliness.  Back office operations are not involved with the core business activities but are the jobs required to maintain a company working in good condition.  People are required to keep them engaged in such activities including accounts dealing with financial transaction, human resource dealing with remuneration, recruitment and maintenance of employees working in different locations or branches and others.

For many managers and consultants the importance of back office service is to apply a single perfect process to each transaction in one place using one standard IT system.  It helps in minimizing staff costs significantly; maximizing saving.  In Back office services, the common IT functions are consolidated.

An organization can reap huge benefits by engaging Back Office.  Ultimately, most of the Backoffice leverages the benefit of IT to supports the business.  This results in tremendous savings for organizations.

A competent Back office needs to have technology, high quality service delivery and skilled human resources to manage each and every client.  Back office support services including technical support and business process outsourcing (BPO).  The modern BPO/KPOs have integrates technology with the modern business practices.  The collaborative working environment in Back Office is an integral part of the services and is considered as the secret behind the success of Back office.

Delivering efficient and effective customer orientated services is the root for success of an organization.  Back Office services follow best business practice, business process improvement, and thus provide improved collaborative working.  The client will reap the benefit of value addition in all end-to-end business processes, and thus eliminate non-value added activities.  Sharing services, a very important concept helps in supporting functions achieving success for themselves and for the company by becoming service-oriented, business-based contributors.

Through Back Office services, an organization can effectively use resources at their disposal helping in achieving and sustaining performance.  The back office services further helps to engage common management practices in a business-oriented organization.  This will result in delivering highest value services at the lowest cost to customers.

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Compiled by Amit Giri,  Sr. Business Analyst – Social Media at DART Consulting.  He can be reached at