What is Big about Bing? A Simple Web analytics

Bing claims that it is taking the Search Engine world by storm. How far it is true?

Bing looks more attractive in look and does not have a generic look by default.

Let’s do a analytical search for ‘Job in Bangalore’ in Google and Bing.
Google gives a result of 11.5 million pages and Bing gives 5.8 million pages. Google gives more sponsored ads and Bing gives less. Bing gives a page preview in addition to the short description

Now, do a search for Job in New York in Google and Bing.
Google gives 436 million pages and Bing gives 348 million pages.
Not a good performance by Bing. Now, what does alexa.com says about both competitors?

Let’s do another simple Web analytics. Alexa says that Google.com stands the number one position in the US, with 727,036 back links and attracts around 40% of global internet users and Bing.com stands in the 23rd position in the US. Alexa.com counts 25,050 back links for Bing with 4% of global internet users in its pocket

The Web analytics team of Bing claims that more consumers are performing searches than ever before, and Bing provides a fast way to help make informed decisions. The claim goes like that Bing now draws an incredible 10 million unique searches a month in Canada. More claims.. Bing provides the audience with new features and more organized results, so the prospective users spend less time searching and more time finding what’s relevant to them. Per the research conducted by Ipsos Reid, customers who click on Bing are more likely to engage with your website, with Bing being top of mind for 1 in every 5 Canadians. Let me meet one such consumer at any time and then I will agree for the tall claim.
A simple Web analytics shows that Bing is good for domain research.

Now, search for the word “@dartconsulting.co.in” you will find Bing will throw nine results in the first page, and Google will be displaying only four results.

Bing is not Bad and that is Big about Bing.

Bing – Now, DART Consulting will analyze you after six months and see if you survive the user expectations and get an edge in the market.