How to Set Up Goals and Funnels In Google Analytics to Track Conversions? Goals and Funnels in Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to track each stage in the users visit. This tracking helps to identify bad designing and bring to the notice the area which needs improvements.

A very simple goal would just be to count every time someone filled in the inquiry form, or sent an e-mail or whatever your conversion target, This is an example of a Web Analytics Tool. However that doesn’t tell you anything about how users got to that part of your site, or tell you about the other hundred users who left before they converted (either because the site is badly designed, or your product is too expensive etc), which surly affects your Lead Generation.

Now, set the target is that a user to enter through a particular landing page on your Business website, and then click on details of a service of product, then fill out the booking form – and a goal will allow you to track each of those stages. Now click on edit next to the profile you want to add your goal to:



Now on the Profile Settings page – click on Add Goal under Goal Set 1 (presuming you don’t already have goals there – otherwise use Goal Set 2, 3 or 4)

Now under Goal Information – complete the following:

Goal Name: Give your Goal a sensible name – e.g. “Purchase Laptop”, or “Complete Inquiry Form”

Goal Type: Make this URL Destination as this goal is about people ending up on a specific page (you can also set up “time of visit” and “depth of visit” goals)

Match Type: In this example (preferably for Digital Marketing Analytics ) we’re setting it as Exact Match as we are counting the number of people who end up on a specific page – however if you want to track how many people who end up on any page within a certain section of your site, use Head Match (see below)

Goal URL: If you’re using Exact Match – enter the exact URL of the page that counts as a conversion here. If you’re using Head Match, use the first part of the URL only

e.g – if you set your Destination URL to, the goal will count anyone who visits or and so on.

Setting up a Google Analytics Funnel

By setting up a funnel, we can also track how many users are coming through the pages we want them to, and how many are dropping out. To do this, click on “Yes, Create a Funnel for this Goal” and you will be given the opportunity to add as many other URLS as Goal Funnel Steps as you like (and name them so they make sense in the report!)

Now save your goal. To see your Funnel – click on the “Funnel Visualisation” option, and you’ll see something like as given below;