E-mail Marketing Using MailChimp

Checking e-mails is part of our everyday life and most of us have linked our e-maildirectly with our phone. So, what better way to communicate with someone than sending something straight to their phone? And once you have decided that sending out newsletters is the way to do so, how are you going to get your newsletter out to all of your customers? Well, with MailChimp you can easily send out mass e-mails to all your customers and update them on the latest news from your company. For example, any Travel and Tourism company will benefit by keeping existing and potential customers updated with a newsletter or e-mail, which might include vacation packages and deals. After choosing an e-mail marketing website, the next step is to determine what we need to send out to benefit your company. Sending a weekly or biweekly newsletter to your current and potential customers is a good way to keep them updated about your latest offers, special discounts and new features. This will allow you to stay connected with your customers, and update information they need to know from your company.

Here, we summarize six top reasons to choose MailChimpfor e-mail Marketing-


1. MailChimp integrates with Twitter
MailChimp lets your readers share your newsletter with their Twitter followers with one click. Even if you don’t use Twitter this can be a big platform builder. It has deep social media integration.


2. MailChimp has cleaner embed code
MailChimp uses relatively clean CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). MailChimp is still not standards-compliant, but it is, at least, a step in the right direction.


3. MailChimp keeps you out of the spam box
The worst thing that can happen to your newsletter is for someone to mark it as spam. When they do that, your newsletter can get spammed for your other subscribers as well. When MailChimp sees that someone marked you as spam, it automatically unsubscribes that person from the list.

MailChimp offers a One Click Unsubscribe service, which means it is just as easy to unsubscribe as it is to mark the e-mail as spam.


4. Easy to Understand Report
One of the key features of any e-mail marketing platform is reporting.

How many e-mails were opened in your last campaign?
What links were clicked?
Is your e-mail marketing working?
MailChimp gives you a side by side comparison with both- your average list performance and your industry average.


5. Campaign Reporting
MailChimp collects and analyses your data, and provides excellent visual representations of that data in the following formats:

  • Interactive Graphs

MailChimp graphs represent the customer interaction with the e-mail campaigns you have sent out. You can view subscriber activity, social stats, click performance and advanced reports, or view an overview of all information.

  • Open and Click Tracking

HTML5 chart by MailChimp enables you to see your subscriber growth. You can highlight specific periods, zoom in or redraw the chart to display different information.

  • Opens and Clicks Over Time

If you are pondering when to send MailChimp e-mail campaigns to your customers, you may want to consult this chart first. It will show you the number of subscribers who read your e-mails and at what time they read them.

  • Opens By Location

The geographic locations of subscribes throughout the world is given in the geographic chart by MailChimp.

  • Subscriber Activity Reports

This chart may be the one you glance at the most, as you can dig deep into the collected data in real time. You can see who received the e-mail, when they opened it, the exact links they clicked on, who bounced the e-mail or who didn’t open it. If your e-mail bounced, MailChimp automatically determines which subscribers to resend the e-mail to and which subscribers should be permanently deleted from your contact list.

  • Click Maps

This is an analytical graph that you can access from MailChimp. You are able to see the e-mail or newsletter that you sent out to your subscribers in its entirety, but there is a click map overlay so that you can see which links your subscribers click the most.

  • Campaign Reach

This chart from MailChimp is simple, but effective. You are able to see the total number of your e-mail marketing campaigns that your customers have opened, your potential customer reach and the number of views your campaign link got on Twitter and Facebook. You will also see the number of retweets and likes the campaign received.

  • E-Commerce360

If you run an e-Commerce business, MailChimp’s e-mail marketing service can track your sales from the first URL click in your e-mail campaign all the way to purchase.

  • Analytics360

MailChimp has given you almost every type of graph, chart and table to help you develop more successful e-mail marketing campaigns. MailChimp’s Analytics360 module enables you set goals and see your progress. This report also shows you the revenue your campaign has generated and the return on investment.


6. MailChimp is easier to use
MailChimp has a monkey at the top of every page that gives tips on how to use the site. It provides more info about Mailchimp e-mail marketing.


7. Help & Support
MailChimp’s e-mail marketing service has a very impressive range of support options, which are all conveniently located on the support page. Here, you have the option to type a keyword or phrase into the knowledge base search toolbar. For example, if we type “survey” in the knowledge base search toolbar, 10 articles pertaining to this subject is displayed. From the MailChimp support homepage, you can select the E-mail Us tab, which takes you to a contact form, to send e-mail to support team. If you need answers to your questions quickly, you can choose to chat with a live representative.

This e-mail marketing service also offers a customer forum. Here, you can present your ideas about features you would like MailChimp to offer, ask fellow MailChimp users questions or just engage in friendly conversation.

MailChimp is a beneficial third-party marketing platform. This is a great way to communicate all of your company’s latest information fast and efficiently to customers.