Tips for Link building in SEO – Updated Guidelines for Link building in 2019 for Digital Marketers

The PageRank Algorithm as adopted by the Google brought out the concept of link building.  The concept of links and link building has changed the game of site ranking. Instead of simply analyzing the content of a page, Google implemented the logic of looking number of sites linked to that page and its validity. With the Google Penguin update the focus changed from quantity to quality.

Tips for Link building in SEO – Updated Guidelines for Link building in 2019 for Digital Marketers

The importance of building high-quality links has been important throughout. Here is a discussion about building up high-quality link and the process.  The methods as listed below are some of the links building techniques for a website to rank in better position with Google SERP:

  • Link submission
  • Blog/Article submission
  • Social bookmarking
  • Forum commenting
  • Blog commenting
  • Web directory submission
  • Quora answering

Important Steps in Link Building

There are certain important factors to be considered while selecting the link building techniques. The google algorithm detects which are good and bad backlinks based on following criteria. Please note these are not the only factors for good website ranking because google always update their algorithms and they do not reveal all the factors that are used to rank a website.

  • Backlinks – domain authority, page authority are important (should not be at least less than 50)
  • Backlink domain relevancy to your industry
  • Useful, relevant blog contents without keywords rich anchor text (maximum to use 2 anchor text)
  • Blog commenting on relevant website without keywords rich anchor text. It is advisable to use navigational words as hyperlinks (eg. Here/ they had best coffee varieties in Bangalore)

E.g. To find relevant website for blog submission for a coffee shop in google

  • inurl:submission-guidelines + best coffee,
  • inurl:write-for-us + Caffeine benefits
  • Caffeine benefits + guestpost +health
  • contribute +fat loss with coffee

As a SEO analyst, it is advisable to consider the above factors before starting link building techniques. To find the relevancy and domain ranking there are many tools which are available for free in the internet. Some of them are

Also you can use tools like, to find competitors backlinks at certain price and analyze those domains to use for link building.