Interdependency of Social Media and Market Research, Effective Way for Branding and Brand Management

Social media platforms like FACEBOOK & TWITTER have revolutionized the way communication happens among masses.  People are connecting with each other 24X7 around the globe.  This provides an opportunity for various brands to slide into day to day life of people, marking their presence and to understand about customer portfolios.   To know what consumers want, companies are investing heavily in market research.  Through social media it has become possible to conduct researches Read more [...]

Importance of Branding Through Social Media for Successful Brand Management

A process of marketing that uses an idea to increase the value of product is named as Brand Management.  Branding can be explained from the point of perception, that is, how customers experience your brand and the way you interact with your customers.  Effective Brand Management enables the price of product to increase and build good relationship with customers through promotions.  Essence, Attribute, Identity and Positioning are the four key factors in branding.  Branding helps in gaining long Read more [...]

How Google Rich Snippet Code is Important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Rich snippets provide webmaster with the useful information to the web search result snippet.  The purpose of rich snippet is to give user with more information about the content.  It is better to decide the most relevant result for a search query that could generate additional traffic to the site.   Rich snippets are designed to summarize the content of a page making it easier for users to understand what the page is about in search results.  If you are considering taking advantage Read more [...]

Why "All Search Terms" is Important in AdWords Optimization??

Google AdWords is a main source of advertising service by Google for businesses to earn revenue by displaying ads on Google network.This Ad words program help in setting a budget for advertising and only have to pay when people click on ads, known as “Pay per Click”.   Businesses that use AdWords to promote their business on Search engines can create relevant ads using keywords that people use to search through Google Search Engine, and for specific geographic location where people Read more [...]

How to Use Pinterest for Social media marketing? A Few Tips on Best Social Media Promotion

Pinterest, a relatively new social media platform, has become a buzzing haven for consumers where they exhibit their preferences and likes for products.  This has lead to marketers giving more attention to the site to reach their target audience which currently complement their social media activities. In Nov 14, 2012 Pinterest launched its site to businesses and corporates could launch themselves as a brand and participate under their corporate name.  Here is a screenshot of pinterest. How Read more [...]

E-mail Marketing Using MailChimp

Checking e-mails is part of our everyday life and most of us have linked our e-maildirectly with our phone. So, what better way to communicate with someone than sending something straight to their phone? And once you have decided that sending out newsletters is the way to do so, how are you going to get your newsletter out to all of your customers? Well, with MailChimp you can easily send out mass e-mails to all your customers and update them on the latest news from your company. For example, any Read more [...]

Are you Looking for Back Office Services to Improve Operational Efficiency?

Back office services are services which are not publicly visible but remain truly at the heart of any successful business.  Back office service includes the supportive function for administrative and professional services.  It includes transaction processing, data conversion, document indexing, data support services, data research, business research, accounting, digital marketing, Information technology support and more. Back office services include non-core or non-essential services as Read more [...]

How to Promote Online Business through Social Media Platforms? Popular Platforms for Online Marketers and Tips to Handle the Platforms

Of late, social media platforms have become popular among internet users and thus it became very attractive platforms for internet marketers.  Online business owners can easily reach out to wide variety of active internet users, and thus attract them through more engaging means.  The most popularly used social media platforms are video sharing and social networking websites. Video sharing websites like YouTube have become known as the launching pad for artists, directors, singers, comedians, Read more [...]

How to Promote Your Blog Through Social Media? What Steps to Promote Blogs Online

Writing blog is not the most difficult part in blogging but getting viewers is the important part.  After writing hundreds of blog posts but attracting no viewers is mere waste of time.  The viewership of blogs determines the popularity of the same.  Social media platforms have made the job easier to get connected to people having similar thoughts.  Here are certain tips that will help you to gain new readers: Facebook Post your blog content or the URL of the blog post in your Facebook status Read more [...]

How to Recommend Your Facebook Business Page to Your Friends? Invite Your Friends to Like Your Business Page Now.

Do you administer of any Facebook Pages? Then you have the ability to recommend your administered Facebook Pages to your friends! We've been asked how to do this many times.  I've decided to make a proper set of instructions and refer to this when I am next asked. How to invite friends to your Facebook Page 1. Login to your Facebook Personal Page. 2. On left side list you'll find the Your Business Page in PAGES AND ADS panel 3. Click on Your Business Page, than your Business Facebook Read more [...]

Why Use Social Media for Business Promotion? Potential of Social Media to Build Brands and Promote Products and Services.

Are you just starting out with a new venture and want to promote your venture? In past years the answer to this was the traditional newspaper and television channels with a considerable amount spent on advertisement. But in recent years, the traditional media has taken a back seat. The reason being social media which has fragmented the market. The effect of social media is so vibrant that having a presence on a social network is a great way to establish new business relationships. For Read more [...]

Need More Facebook ‘Likes’ on your Facebook Business Page? Facebook and Business Page – Tips to Invite your email Contacts to Facebook Business Page and Increase Sales and Conversion

Facebook Business Page brings more visitors to your visit if you take right steps to create, fine tune and maintain your Business Page. Facebook is a powerful platform as good as word-of-mouth marketing. You can use your contact lists to increase or your business and convert them into customers using right tools and methodologies. You need to build your page, connect with them to engage them further. Per Facebook there are over 900 million people on their site. Here, we discuss about the method Read more [...]

Nofollow Links and Backlinks – Does “Nofollow” Hurt Your Site Backlinks?

Yes, you heard it right! It is helpful to increase organic traffic to your site if blog and/or website has high Page Rank (PR). It will increase your Alexa traffic rank also. Let me give you a brief description about the 'nofollow' link. “Nofollow” is an HTML attribute value used to instruct search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index. It is intended to reduce the effectiveness of certain types of Spam, thereby improving the Read more [...]

How to track Mobile Website Using Google Analytics? Mobile Website, Server Side Code Snippets, and Google Analytics

We can track mobile sites in the same way as other websites. Since we need to make changes to the tracking code in order for it to track mobile sites we need to use different tracking code. To make sure that Google Analytics reports data from for mobile websites, paste the server-side code snippets on each page we need to track. This will result in Google Analytics creating a profile for the mobile website. Google Analytics will now report the same kind of information as in standard Analytics reports. Read more [...]