Need More Facebook ‘Likes’ on your Facebook Business Page? Facebook and Business Page – Tips to Invite your email Contacts to Facebook Business Page and Increase Sales and Conversion

Facebook Business Page brings more visitors to your visit if you take right steps to create, fine tune and maintain your Business Page. Facebook is a powerful platform as good as word-of-mouth marketing.

You can use your contact lists to increase or your business and convert them into customers using right tools and methodologies. You need to build your page, connect with them to engage them further. Per Facebook there are over 900 million people on their site. Here, we discuss about the method to invite your email contacts to Facebook Business Page.

The first step is to Login to your Facebook Page and then visit Home Page. A sample Business Page looks as follows

Now, click on Build Audience and invite all your email contacts.

Now, choose any one of Email Services provider by which you want to import your contacts. Now, the screen looks as follows;

Now, import all your contacts and screen looks like as follows;

After importing all contacts save all contacts in .csv file and upload this file in given place by selecting the browse option

Thereafter, select all contacts or to whom you want to send invitation, and click on Preview Invitation. The screenshot as follows now;

A new window will be opened, and click on Terms and Condition for you to agree and thereafter click on the button ‘Send’. It will be viewed as follows;

Now, the selected email addresses will get invitation to ‘Like’ the Facebook Business Page. Now, you will find that many of your friends and contacts have come to know about your Business Page in Facebook. They start give valuable suggestions, and may share the page with their contacts further. This will result in more activities for your Facebook page. Ultimately, you find that you are generating more business using your contact emails without requesting them to bring more business for you.

Posted by : Amit Giri, Social media Consultant, DART Consulting,