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Facebook is a tool for connecting people - friends, family, coworkers, and others with similar interests. Facebook allows users to connect and share information in a variety of ways. 61% of Facebook’s users are aged 35 or older. Lately, marketers have been using Facebook as an opportunity to expand their online footprint and engage with customers directly. On Facebook, Profiles are meant for people and Pages are meant for businesses.

The Benefits of a Facebook Presence

The identifiable business benefits of keeping a presence on Facebook are as follows:

  • Connect and engage with current and potential customers
  • Create a community around the business
  • Get noticed by people who are searching for specific products or services
  • Promote other content you create, including webinars, blog articles, or other resources
  • AdsOnSearches Facebook Services

    AdsOnSearches helps businesses maintain a beneficial presence in Facebook, and ensures that a business connects with potential clients within the guidelines of Facebook. We help create a business page, place ads in Facebook, and ensure proper integration of Facebook with other social media platforms on which the business has a footprint. Successful integration of email news, social media, and RSS feeds will enhance communication with the target audience.


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