Keyword Research

Keywords are words and phrases that web users type into search engines while searching for a product or service. Keyword research is the process by which we identify popular search keywords that people enter search engines like Google. As part of optimization, we strategically incorporate such keywords in the content to rank higher on a search engine results page (SERP).

Keyword Research Process

Step 1: Brainstorming

Keyword research includes brainstorming to define the research structure, which includes identifying web pages and contents that need reformation.

Step 2: Research

The research process starts with identifying existing keywords and its performance. Then we will search for relevant keywords; while conducting this search, we will also check for top competitors, their keywords, and their performance. The Keyword Research process generates a list of Potential Keywords for the business.

Step 3: Evaluation

The evaluation process begins with determining the volume of the keywords, All in Title, position or ranking and competition. The keyword assessment enables us to choose the top-performing keywords for the website.

Step 4: Optimisation

The website will be optimised using the chosen keywords. The optimisation of the site entails altering the meta title and description, furthermore, on the website's overall content.

Benefits of Keyword Research

It attracts target audience. One of the primary advantages of keyword research is targeting a genuinely interested audience. When the right customer appears on the site, the conversion rate rises.

Keyword research reveals vital information about your website, such as where you rank for specific keywords, which are easier to rank for, and for which keywords your rivals rank.

Keyword research enables you to determine which aspects of your marketing strategy are most effective and which aspects of your business customers are most interested in

Keywords bring consumer behaviour insights. The keyword research reveals what consumers are really looking for, rather than what you believe they are.

AdsOnSearches Keyword Searches Services as follows:

  • * SEO Keywords - Keywords with lesser competition and higher search volume.
  • * PPC Keywords - Keywords with higher search volume at lesser CPC.
  • * Ebook keywords - Keywords with lower competition and higher demand on a specific topic.

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